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What replaces the red dot?

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Ok, new forum release. The old one had red dots next to threads with posts I haven't red, and clicking on the red dot took me to the oldest of the unread posts.

In the new release, the red dots are gone. The right hand side has a timestamp to find the latest posts, but nothing to indicate threads I have unread posts in, and no way I can see how to get to the unread ones.

What is the new method of both items?
1. Seeing which threads have unread posts?
2. Jumping to the oldest of those unread posts so I can go forward in time from there?
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I have found that clicking a topic that I have previously read takes me to the first unread. For me, that's good. Here are my complaints:

1. It is not obvious enough which threads are unread. The bold text is not different enough on my screen. The red dots were better.
2. When I click sticky threads, it does not remember the First Unread, it always takes me to the first post.
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For anyone who's willing to hack a little css.... not perfect, but it improves my experience. I put this directly in a user sheet on Safari, but it should also work with Stylus or similar.

body[data-template="watched_threads_list"] div.structItem-title {
    font-weight: 300 !important;

body[data-template="watched_threads_list"] div.is-unread div.structItem-title {
    font-weight: 600 !important;

body[data-template="watched_threads_list"] div.is-unread div.structItem-title a::before {
    content: "🔴 ";