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What sets time zone? (another dying MCU1 whine)


Journeyman Member
Dec 12, 2014
Chicago, IL
Like a lot of us, I have a near-death eMMC MCU1. Had an issue with Spotify crashing and causing either a reboot of the Tegra screen or an infinite loop (where music would restart prior to getting controls back, causing a crash again). On an unrelated (I hope) issue requiring a trip to the SC, I asked if this issue would be enough to get me in line for the recall eMMC replacement.

They politely asked if they could reset the MCU if needed to try to troubleshoot... and they did (ok, fine)... and after that, now my time zone is off two hours. The time itself (e.g. minutes) syncs nicely, but is annoying AF to have the wrong hour displayed. The SC just says it is a dying eMMC thing and wait for (????) for the part to be sourced and they will replace it; you can only get a head-of-line pass if the unit is completely dead.

Is there some hack someone knows to force a time zone? I am not rooted or in possession of Canbus tools or the similar sort of hammers I assume are needed to "fix" this without a replacement...

* For sheer entertainment, after the reset, with the wrong time zone, I also lost the "sources" tab in the media settings that lets you turn off radio, slacker, etc. The last OTA firmware restored this, but TZ is still wrong...
Well, you are not going to believe this, but we have seen it before. What worked was; he drove over to a big parking lot and drove around in a big circle for a couple of laps. His GPS was acting funny, but driving around sync'd his GPS and his time zone set too.

Cost nothing to try it.
Tap and hold your finger over the "time" on the MCU. Wait for it and it should change to the correct hours.
Wow, Tesla pro-tip right there. I didnt know that.

Mine was off by a couple of hours after a factory reset a month or 2 ago. It took a day or so and it fixed itself after a couple of short drives, definitely wasn't as quick as I thought. Would have liked to have known that trick at the time :D