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What should Tesla be known for

Select your top three "underappreciated selling points" of Tesla cars

  • "Going Green"

  • Low Maintenance / Longevity

  • Torque / Acceleration / Sportiness

  • Automated driving (Including cruise, autopilot, auto summon, FSD, and future autonomy)

  • Luxury and comfort

  • Value for the money

  • Range (as compared with other EV's)

  • Other (Post comments)

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Supercharging network.

Even in this Tesla-heavy area (Seattle), a majority of non-owners don't know it exists. Those that do almost never are aware of the extent of coverage or ease of use. Explaining it is a great sales tool.

It sure has changed the way I take EV road trips over the past decade!
I meant the latter. I have been taking Tesla road trips since April 2010 (Seattle to San Diego; at that time, the nearest L2 station was 800 miles away so I used campgrounds). We didn't get to use a Supercharger until Jan 2013, and even then it was for only half of the trip.

I did have a 2003 RAV-4 EV before the Tesla, but I didn't take road trips in it. Well, I guess I took it to my Mom's, which was too far round-trip, so I would plug it in to her dryer outlet while visiting. I don't think of that as a road trip but I guess some might. Back then we used our Prius (converted to PHEV) for road trips.
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I’ve been using Teslafi to schedule preconditioning for years. My previous EVs also have had scheduled preconditioning. I don’t think I’ve gotten into a hot or cold car at home or from work since 2013.