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What software is used in the new nav system?

That's been the most consistent report from those looking at the maps on the car.

But note that navigation online routing is done in the cloud, and we have little/no visibility to how that works. That part is honestly the most amazing thing about the new maps for me. When offline routing, it gives me typical behavior compared to most GPS systems. But when online routing, it delivers traffic-aware routes in the SF Bay Area that are competitive with Google and Waze.
huge if true.
Yeah, no lie! I've tried many many routes between, say, Milpitas and south San Jose during rush hour and during low traffic. The route adapts and the ETA is within maybe 3 minutes of Google/Waze, and stays true to it.

I've actually been commuting to and from work using Tesla's maps here for a week. I no longer mount my phone to my car for my commutes, it's been that dependable.

Hopefully the same is true for other regions, but at least in California, A+++++.
Looking at the website, this certainly does look like a great foundational key to FSD. If you read Mapbox's ADAS information, it would fit perfectly in Tesla's future offering.

It is also impressive how the traffic data points work, as well as the instantaneous routing, etc. The screenshots look exactly like the Tesla nav.

This is exciting stuff!