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what the process is like when your vehicle is in an accident

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Starting a new thread to help those of us in the Tesla Motors Club understand what the process is like when your vehicle is in an accident.

Details about my ride:

2019 Pearl White Performance, 20" wheels, White Interior, Autopilot

Took delivery on 9/14. Accident on 9/28.

Accident details:
Car was parked. Vehicle backed into the side of the vehicle while unattended. Sentry mode caught it. Person found me and exchanged contact info.

Contacted insurance on 9/28. Estimate scheduled for 10/2 (earliest I could get in). Already confirmed that I'm processing the claim through my insurance because none of the Tesla approved repair centers were in the network of the liable party's insurance company. Several were within my insurers network (State Farm).

Already confirmed that the liable party is taking care of direct bill of the rental car.

Already discussed diminished value with the liable party's insurance company and that cannot take place until after repairs are completed and accepted by me.


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Just a quick update!

Repair shop was finally able to disassemble the vehicle after about 3 weeks of it being arriving to the shop. The updated repair estimate increased about $4.5k in labor costs, etc.. Totaling roughly $15k in damages.

Repair shop also ordered the parts on Monday. They said they generally start seeing the parts delivered within 1-1.5 weeks after the order is made. Repairs will take 4-5 days.

Based on this info, it seems like they will have the car ready within the next couple weeks or so. Leaving the whole repair process time to total around a month and a half. Here's a timeline:

Aug. 21 - Accident
Aug. 26 - Insurance Estimate
Sept. 21 - Updated Insurance Estimate
Sept. 23 - Parts Ordered
Oct. 4 - Parts Delivered
Oct. 16 - Completed

*Actual | Estimated

Referenced a timeline from my Topic above. This is currently what it's looking like in terms of repair timeframe. Sorry for your accident, luckily it's still drive able and no airbags deployed!
So sorry for your accident. Your situation is similar to mine. Bought my car on 9.18 and on 9.26 I was in an accident.

Be patient. Expect your car to be gone at minimum 1-2 months. Because of the frame of cars - the repair shop is going to pull off a lot panels to check the structure. Be sure you use a certified Telsa repair shop. Body Shop Support