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What things to check when buying a used Tesla?

I’ve been buying used ICE cars for nearly 30 years and never been stuck with a lemon. I’m pretty good at diagnosing ICE problems by feel and by ear and I usually notice problems several months before a mechanic is able to fully diagnose it.

Now I’m thinking of starting a search for a 2015 Model S, and I feel my inspection skills are obsolete ;-(

I’m specifically looking for 2015 because I want the AP features at the lowest possible price.

Does anybody have a good checklist of what to look for? What components tend to break or give off early tell-tale signs?
Go visit Tesla store. Test drive OR find existing owner. Use your usual listening.
Fewer things to listen for motor just spins bearing the only thing to wear out.
differential gears (your ICE also have gear box, Model S no.)
Suspension exactly the same as ICE.
Air shocks? if they work up and down silent? is the sir pump silent ?? I don't actually know. (your test drive or rides with existing owner)

Tell owner & Tesla people what you are doing - listening so you can buy a used one. I've read that if you ask, many of the tesla sales people will help you find a good used vehicle. Need to be up front - clear about what you want how much you'd pay or range. What you don't want.

Take Tesla owner to dinner. Take his family. Explain, what you are doing - so spouse & kids will let you talk.

Warch Sandy Munro videos - to learn more about dlectrics - you will see how similar to ICE vehicle.
One has a motor and the other an engine.

I think you get the idea. Tesla stores are not like Legacy dealers.

Usual caution - I like you bought used. I want to SEE and TEST drive what I consider buying.

good luck, have fun, you'll meet many nice people, I'm sure.