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What tires do you recommend

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I finally pulled the trigger and ordered 20" wheels from Tsportline for my Model Y. Now I need to get 20" tires and was curious if anybody has recommendations on the best 20" all season/all weather tire for the Model Y . Based in Los Angeles and not a fan of switching out tires for the few times a year I go up to the mountains so definitely looking for year round tires.

I've heard good things about Michelin CrossClimate 2 and Vredestein Quadtrac Pro for all seasons. After doing some additional research on my own I found the Vredestein Hypertrac Pro (another all season). Quadtrac is a grand touring tire while Hypertrac is an UHP tire. Not sure of the difference and what that would mean for me as a relatively conservative driver. Discount Tire also recommended Continental Contact Sport SRS+.

With my 20" induction wheels I had a horrible time finding tires in the stock size (255/40R20). All tires I've researched are 255/45R20, other posts have said this size fits fine and increased sidewall improves ride quality.

@OP, what did you ultimately decide on? I live in CO and have never had winter tires, always gotten by perfectly OK with A/S tires on my previous cars.
Here's a timely article from Electrek. ;)

"According to Goodyear, the ElectricDrive GT is the first EV replacement tire to be offered in North America by a US tire manufacturer. David Reese, vice president, product development, Goodyear Americas, spoke to the thought behind the development of this new tire.

The ElectricDrive GT was designed with Goodyear’s SoundComfort Technology, which actively rides as a built-in sound barrier to reduce road noise for passengers above. The EV tire also features an asymmetric tread pattern and a specialized tread compound that provides enhanced traction no matter the terrain, whether it’s wet or dry. Those Model Y drivers (and beyond) that decide to use Goodyear’s new EV specific tires can expect a company-backed 40,000 mile tread life limited warranty with a W speed rating (168 mph).

Goodyear states the initial release of the ElectricDrive GT will only come in size 255/45R19 104W XL, but it plans to expand its ElectricDrive product line in 2022. Although the company has said the current ElectricDrive GT tire is an ideal fit for the Tesla Model Y, Goodyear encourages customers to search its website with their specific EV make and model to see if the tire is an appropriate fit for their EV."

Those Goodyears only come in the stock 19" size for now. I got tsportline 19s and went with the Michelin pilot sport AS4s, they're great and have used them to success in the snow as well. If they're offered in 20", I'd say go for those.