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What to do while in Moab, UT?

The wife and I are going to take a road trip in our P85D from Northern Colorado to Moab, Utah.

I was wondering what there was to do there since we've never been. I've owned trail-capable 4x4's for many many years and even though there were local clubs that went at least once annually I never made it out there in the truck to do some 4-wheeling, sadly.

Since we've never been I thought I'd solicit places to check out while we're there. What's the best places to eat or see if we're just looking at a day or two in town. We plan to strap our mountain bikes to the roof so light bike trail suggestions are also welcome. Just looking for suggestions so when we get home we're not bummed we missed something we didn't know about before visiting.

I know the town itself is only about 5k people so I doubt there's so much going on we'll miss a lot but I'm curious what others who visited liked or disliked. Is there an AirBNB or VRBO that's perfect for Teslas? An inexpensive out-of-the-way restaurant that may be off the beaten path that was amazing?

Any pro tips on the Moab area are appreciated in this thread.

WOW there's SO much to do in Moab:

MTB: Slickrock Trail. Do the Practice Loop to see if your MTB skills are good enough to do the entire Slickrock Trail. Take plenty of water and make sure you're not on the trail when it gets HOT unless you like to MTB in a pizza oven.

Jeep: Dan Mick's Guided Jeep Tours: Google Maps Dan has been doing Jeep tours of all types (from sightseeing to insane rock crawling. My kids still talk about the sunset Jeep trip parked on the top of an arch then a Native American dinner around the campfire.

River Rafting: There are multiple companies who will take you on the Colorado River which is right on the north side to Moab

Rock Climbing: There are multiple companies who will take you rock climbing including Ancient Art Rock in Fisher Towers if you have the guts. My crazy wife did this ~ 6 years ago. Ancient Art Rock iswhere the hard to believe Citibank rock climbing commercial was shot
(CNN back story)

  • Arches National Park: Awesome as long as the crowds have thinned out. Get there EARLY so you don't have to wait in line if it is still crowded
  • Deadhorse Point State Park: AbSoFreakingLutely heart stopping views. Very different from Arches
  • Fisher Towers Google Maps /
  • UT Route 128 from Moab to I-70 via Cisco is on the MUCH more beautiful vs. the boring flat Route 191 to I-70
  • Blanding UT Supercharger: Fascinating museum and super friendly local host with history of the area while your Supercharging
  • Monument Valley: This is where many of the EPIC western movies were shot. Stunning vistas & towering rocks (a.k.a. Monuments). Page AZ Supercharger to Blanding UT Supercharger. We drove this 200 road mile leg in our 2015 P85D on 19" Michelin Primacy MXM tires 2 years ago in early March when the weather was mild and wind free. Arrived at Page from Blanding with ~ 15% remaining. Definitely doable by charging to 100% then driving conservatively by watching your Navigation projected % charge at your destination. If it looks like you're not going to make it between Superchargers, stop at Gouldings RV Park and get enough charge to make your destination at one of their campsite's their 50A / 240V (12kW) 14-50 outlets (standard RV outlet). Call ahead to confirm you can charge if you need to. They only wanted $10.00 when I called ahead... but didn't need to stop.
  • Hole 'N The Rock: facinating fun tour of a house literally carved out of a HUGE rock. Perfect for a HOT afternoon since it is COOL inside the rock Google Maps
Shop / Dine:
  • T-shirts: Moab has at least 3 T-shirt shops downtown including one with an old school ice cream parlor. INCREDIBLE variety of T-shirts which you can get your own custom shirt while you wait
  • Breweries: Eddie McStiff's and Moab Brewing have some good beers and great food too
  • Moab Coffee Roasters: Spectacular coffee & espresso drinks including several specialities. Unlike many other coffee shops, they actually roast their coffee beans onsite so they are usually hours FRESH. I'm a home coffee roaster and WOW what a difference.
  • Desert Bistro: great health food just a short walk from the Moab Tesla Supercharger Google Maps
I'm from SoCal and have been to Moab at least 8 times. So much to do... and find something new each time we go !!!

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Arches and Canyonlands are the big attractions and very close. You'll have to research the biking opportunities, but we saw plenty of bikers in Canyonlands, Island in the Sky District.

We stayed at the Best Western Plus Canyonlands Inn that hosts the Moab Supercharger. It was nice, and convenient.