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What vin comes with 3G vs 4g LTE?

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Not relevant to the OP, but note that there isn't a fleet-wide VIN cutoff: european cars at least made the change significantly after North America, and other markets probably different again.

It's hard to know when the cutover is/was for Europe, since it appears that Tesla's airtime contract doesn't permit 4G to be used yet even for those cars that have the 4G hardware.
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Tesla does not use VIN in sequential order so you cannot make any definitive judgement based solely on the VIN #. My P85 with AP was built in 10/2014 but the VIN # is P260xx. Not sure where it came from but speculation is that # was originally assigned to an order on a car that was never built, then released and used on my car.
I have VIN 99xxx and 3G (November 2015 delivery), confirmed by Tesla ranger today.

Sorry (or not sorry) - but I am guessing the Ranger is wrong. I am 84xxx, delivery May 2015 and I missed it by a week.

Now - there is for sure a possibility that they found some 3G modems on the shelf and put them in some car but your date and numbers are wrong.

Ah - just saw your location. Perhaps that is it? EU spec cars sometimes are different.