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What would a "Tesla Design" phone look and operate like?

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Aug 8, 2016
Porsche has "Porsche Design" line of products, what would a "Tesla Design" phone be like? I assume it would actually work as a fob, but what Tesla features would it have in keeping with Elon's and Franz's "philosophy"?? It would be late to market for sure..........
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Tesla phone would be like any of their product offerings, another market disruptor...Sat phone, gig speed internet, cutting edge design and $$$

It would run either iOS or Android OS with full Apple Car Play or Android Auto on a UHD display in the car
Despite assembly line human beings being very good at assembling such devices, Elon goes against the grain and has the phones assembled by robots that look and
act like cats and dogs. It is his way of sticking it to the man and thinking in future terms.

Unfortunately production falls 2 years behind demand as issues at the plant caused remaining staff to utilize Boring flamethrowers to resolve the situation and escape.

Musk explains on his quarterly report that assembling phones has never been done before, everyone is just a hater.