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What would the price of brand new 22' black turbines w/ no tires from the referral program be?

I just got mine last week for 1800, rims and tires. Brand new set from a take off. Deals are around, just have to be patient and on the look out.

Don't be those people that are trying to get the same amount as Tesla sells them for. Its preposterous to see anyone sell a set for more than 4k. Nobody will buy them from you. And if you state they are referral rims AKA you got them for free AND you're trying to scalp them for the highest amount possible, it just makes you look greedy.

Without tires, you could try asking for 3k but won't see any biters until it gets down to 2k. Tires are at least 300 to 400 each so it brings the full set total to almost 4k and that's just too much.