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What's the best way to report bugs on Tesla's website?

Discussion in 'Tesla Motors' started by MorrisonHiker, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. MorrisonHiker

    MorrisonHiker Beta Tester

    Mar 8, 2015
    Morrison, Colorado, USA
    Last year, I found a bug on Tesla's website where the price was being calculated incorrectly in the special code they were using for IE browsers. I tried reporting the bug via email and only received an automated response. I also tried submitting it via BugCrowd as a "business logic" bug but it was marked as "out of scope". The bug was eventually fixed a few days later.

    Last Friday, Tesla made some new updates to their site and I found two bugs which are preventing available cars from being listed on the new inventory and CPO pages. Once again, I tried submitting to BugCrowd and they were marked as "out of scope".

    Does anyone have a contact or email address that I could send these bugs to? I know they are trying to push as many cars as possible this month. They could probably sell a few more cars if these two bugs were fixed.

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