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What's the most surprising thing you've found once you got your Tesla?

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I actually rather like the UFOy reversing sound, but I imagine I'm something of an outlier.
Having two small kids my self and doing pick up in the afternoon Im actually thankful for that change. I used a Tesla for a trip off Turo earlier in the year and following a couple going up a hill in a lazy small town for about 200' and I was about a car or two lengths behind them and they had no idea I was even there. So yeah I like the change even tho I was sure I would hate it.
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For me it's the "full tank every morning". You can read about it. You can understand it in theory. But you have to experience it for a while to really "get" it that it's actually easier to deal with than an ICE car!

+1 to this here. You read about it, and understand it intellectually.... but actually living with a situation where every morning your car is ready to go with "a full tank" almost has to be experienced to believe it. Its easily one of the most amazing things about the situation to me. I bought my car in december of 2018 and have not been to a gas station since. My wife drives our gas car, and she fills that one up. Not having to "stop on the way home to pick up gas" or plan to get up early to get to the local costco gas station to get a good price on the premium gas my car took.... its magical actually.
Since there's so little noise, and the car is so smooth and stable relative to my old car (Prius C): how fast I drive if I don't have a speed control setting set ... and that there's a setting that actually prevents you from exceeding a specified speed!
I'd have to add the "speeding by more than your stated margin" chime to the pleasant surprise list. I too have upgraded from a Prius C which was a nice little commuter car, but now when I want to pass someone on the highway, it's far too easy to blip from 60 MPH to over 80 MPH without noticing. That chime is obvious in retrospect, but is probably keeping me from getting into a lot of trouble.