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Wheel aerodynamics question

I asked the guy at the store why there weren't left and right wheels. He looked at me like I was crazy(he may be on to something, but still) after trying to explain what I meant. On all of the different turbine styles(Model S,X and 3sports), I see the same thing. One side will move air outward, one will move air inward. In other words, while spinning down the road and looking at each wheel from it's respective side, the left will appear to move counter-clockwise, the right clockwise. Does anyone know what affect this has? Going 75 down the freeway, the left side seems like it will be slicing through the air as designed and the right side seems more squared up to the relative wind.This seems like it would have a mild effect on the aeros as well.

Anyone want to swap 2 wheels? lol
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I would guess it's not too big of a factor as well. The claims of aero vs sport at freeway speeds ranging from 1-10% has really shined a new light on the wheels for me. Anyone I've talked to about it has led to a dead end.