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Wheel update issue

Hi. I updated my rims, then my Regen, traction, and stability control were all disabled. Did two scroll resets. Drive over 50 for x amoun of time. I checked the settings on regen traction control and stability control all them are on. Called Tesla service 2 hours ago ,still waiting on a response.

Any one else!


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I had the same issue initially. I found that the car will reset once you confirm the changes. You have to be parked and still for it to do it's thing.

The first time I did it I was rolling out of my driveway and didn't pay attention to the fact it says the car will reset. I lost all the driving aids as a result. The second time the car was parked and still in the garage and it took the changes without any complications.

Just mention this in case you made the same mistakes I did.

To correct the issue I did a 2 scroll wheel reset along with a power off 2 minute reset. Car has been okay for me since then.
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