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When a anticipated new model s delivery became a horror story (not click baiting)

It is a long letter to Tesla from a Tesla lover, it has a lot of words and emotions, I do not know if anyone is gonna read this, but I will wrote it anyways.

Dear Tesla,

On Nov 27 morning, I was 20 mins early to my deliver time. I talked to the reception stuff at Tesla Toronto Lawrence dealership, told him that I was coming for delivery. He asked me to sit down to wait. After waiting for about half a hour, I asked the exact SAME GUY when the delivery will happen. HE COMPLETELY FORGET ME, and asked me What is my purpose of the visit, then I repeat the answer I gave him 30 mins ago. I WAS SPEECHLESS seeing him so irresponsible. But it is fine.

The worst part came in the second day. The second day (nov 28). I found my car has very severe GPS issue, the car could not locate itself, hence triggering lots of false voice command and autopilot issue. The problem is so obvious that made me suspect that the delivery/service team in Lawrence never tested or inspected the car before the delivery ( I bought a demo car).

I have to put my car back to dealer to fix IN THE THIRD DAY AFTER DELIVERY (Nov 29). And the service said the antenna was broken, and they have to replace it as well as the rear glass, but they will not cover the tint for the rear glass because it was after market item, I talked to my advisor Tigrr Hu, which Is super responsible and supportive for me during the whole process. After several texts, emails, and calls, the service agree to pay for the 80 dollar tint.

The service department notified me to wait for the part to arrive on Dec 4th. I request a formal full inspection from Tesla (since clearly they did not do it properly before the delivery), but the store manager said he does not have the authority to give me the requested report. On Dec 4, I picked up the car, and I have to re-tint the rear glass again.

Update from Dec 08
Car found the similar issue again on Highway, car thought it was on a local road, and did a sudden brake on highway at 120km/h on autopilot, I have react after to avoid the car behind me to rear-end me. The same problem happened 2 more times on the same day. (video records on the links)

Update from Dec 09
I have to put the car on Toronto Lawrence store to get fixed again.

Update from Dec 10
Tesla Lawrence Service asked me to do GPS tracking on my car after they release the car to me. I refused the request due to privacy concerns. And I do not think clients' privacy should not be the cost of fixing a factory defect.

Update from Dec 10 night
The service asked if it is to do a overnight road test. I relied sure, as long as it follows Tesla’s mint or rules and policies. They never replied me after then. Later today, I found my car parked at someone’s drive way (until now 11:09 pm), it was not moving since 6pm. I guess the technician drove the car home as his or her personal car. And they never explain this to me than saying overnight road test. I cannot think of a reason that they have to drive the car and park in his or her drive way than than testing it and properly put it back to the store. I tried to google if it is normal, I never found a similar case to this. Please let me know if your dealer did this to you before.

just like you, I was promoting Tesla for all my friends. but the whole experience was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE . The deliver team was extremely unprofessional (they never did an inspection before delivery), disorganized (3 different delivery team members emailed me asking for documents before delivery, I don't know who is my delivery advisor, and I don't know why I had to send my document repeatedly to different delivery advisors), irresponsible (the reception people let me sit there to wait and completely forget about me).

If you really care about your client, here is the truth and feelings of me. I am the guy who watch Tesla content in YouTube everyday, and always argues with my colleges about how awesome Tesla is, and how good the car could be, and I supported Tesla in action by purchasing its most expensive sedan.

Yet the whole purchase experience broke my heart and expectations. I know Tesla is saving money for R&D, but the whole purchase experience (again, except sales) make me feel I was never valued or appreciated. Next time when I hear someone says "Tesla sucks", I really don't know how and why I can fight back for Tesla, I just do not have that confident anymore.

Thanks for reading, the end.

The GPS issue recorded on the second day of new car delivery from Tesla Toronto Lawrence :

What Toronto Lawrence service department asked me through SMS And when my car is parked in other peoples driveway
E5CBD3F1-61B3-4799-9B41-976B5E4077D2.jpeg 5359F50D-9A7F-47E6-868F-536DC20D7EF2.jpeg
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Uncle Paul

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Nov 1, 2013
Canyon Lake,CA
Computer centric cars sometimes glitch. Sounds like they are having a hard time getting yours resolved.

Wonder if this has anything to do with it being a storied demo purchase.

Was it the aftermarket tint company that broke the antenna, or was it something Tesla did?

Hope you get it sorted out soon.
Computer centric cars sometimes glitch. Sounds like they are having a hard time getting yours resolved.

Wonder if this has anything to do with it being a storied demo purchase.

Was it the aftermarket tint company that broke the antenna, or was it something Tesla did?

Hope you get it sorted out soon.
Thanks I hope they can solve this issue soon too...just feeling wired seeing my car parking on other people driveway without explanation
The braking Sounds like normal AutoPilot issue.

GPS issue in video looks a bit bizarre.
Oh I forget to mention that
during the highway autopilot barking incident, there is a voice prompt happens at the same time as the brake, car asked me to merge into highway or something, clearly the car thought I was not on highway, but some local roads near the highway with 60kmh speed limit. But honestly, the sudden brake from 120 all the way to 60 is dangerous and scary lol


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Oct 14, 2015
Central MA
I'm confused by the issue of the after market window tint. Did the car come with that? Or did you add it, and when? Was the GPS working before that? I'd assume that if it was a prior demo car, someone would have noticed such a glaring problem during a demo ride.
I think that this someone that has been referred previously had a aftermarket front and rear cameras installed and that connecting cable to rear camera was on the “wrong side” of the tailgate. This interferes with GPS cable there and the result was exactly the same.
Loss of GNSS connection is to be expected now and then, underground or near a truck or company car with a jammer.
If it drifts too much (or extremely much, like your) I would have checked wheel rotation sensors (in bearings) and/or accelerometer / gyro calibration (the last two should be fine after a reboot.

Try driving underground.
Update on Dec 15.
(note: I picked up the delivery of the car on Nov 27.)

After first fixing visit during Nov 29th to Dec 4th (6 days fixing)
And the second fixing during Dec 9th to Dec 14th ( another 6 days fixing),
The technician and their engineers said there is a antenna hardware issue which is fixed in the first visit, and there is some firmware issue that they might fix through a push software update in following weeks.

this is how the car drive right now on Dec 15th.

What next?

On Dec 13th, Consider I drove the car for only 5 days and the car has been under fixing for 12 days for my first 17 days of new delivery. I tried to contact Toronto regional manager Maire, first contact attempts was through Tesla online customer support on Dec 11th, and second attempt on Dec 13th. Did not hear anything back from her yet (as Dec 15). I want to discuss the refund or the exchange of the car, since the fix is not guaranteed, and I am paying 1450 per month for the car. Hopefully, I can get contact with her on next Monday. Will update the result.
thank you everyone who replied me.
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