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When in Tesla and on WiFi I can't browse to local sites

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I noticed that when I am in the car on the local WiFi network (of my house) I can't seem to browse from the Tesla's browser to any sites hosted locally - it just does nothing. I have setup NAT Reflection on my PFSense firewall but that does not appear to fix it.
These sites use SSL so I can't just use the site IP address as I will get SSL cert warnings and I also use SNI (Server Name Indication).
Any knowledge out there on how to get this working? I admit this is not a killer problem but would be nice to have.
From what I understand you have some sites hosted on your local network for which you have ssl certificates assigned - are these assigned to a domain name or only a local network host name?

I’d suggest try and connect to one of them by the local IP address from the Tesla - at least you know the car can at least connect to the server (you’ll obviously get a certificate error but at least you’ll know the car can connect).

If it can connect then you’ve at least identified the problem is the host name lookup?

If it’s an actual domain name - are the sites accessible from the internet or only your local network?
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All these sites work from phones and desktops internally over the WiFi so I know the issue is not with DNS or the sites (the ssl certs map to the sites fine both internally and externally - where they are exposed).
Re SNI support - the browser does appear to support SNI because if I turn off WiFi the Tesla browser can connect to those sites that I have exposed externally (also using SNI).
I thought this might be a simple DNS issue where the Tesla was acting like a phone and uses external DNS resolution (assigned from the LTE interface) even when connected to the WiFi and this is why I set up DNS reflection on PFSENSE, but this did not fix it.
Of course on a phone you can install IP apps to give you lots of info but it is all rather blind on the Tesla.
I will try the ipaddress route as a trouble shooting method (I can use the teslamate website which has its own IP address/port on a raspberry pie).