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When using USB music, better to partition a single drive or use hub?

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I've read conflicting reports about this topic, and now that 2024 models are released, as well as some recent software updates, I thought I'd ask specifically: is it better to get a large single drive and create two partitions (one for Sentry recordings and one for music), or is it better to have a USB hub with two separate drives?

I understand that there may be altering opinions about this, so to clarify I'd rather use a single USB drive, partitioned, IF that's a solid options. One that doesn't create issues in today's MYs with today's software.

In either case, which large USB drive would you recommend (if going that route), or which USB hub would you recommend (if going that route)?
It's a ghost town here but I did find a solution on my own. The partition never worked (still unsure why) but a USB hub with an additional drive for music worked fine. I ended up having the car format both drives and it now works swimmingly. The car went with ExFAT. I may have been using FAT32.
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