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When will be 3rd batch invitation to Canada?

I am dying for it. Both owner and non owner who reserved 1st day are now getting the invitation. Next batch may be to people who reserved a bit later. After 1st couple of days reservation, I think there will be not many ppl to reserve.

BTW, I reserved Jan 2017, non owner. Finger crossed.
After all the Americans get their shot at a RWD LR PUP.
Tax credit ($7,500) is almost ending in US and people are speculating Tesla will wait until the start of a quarter to sell the 200,000th car to start the phase out period. With that said I think the Canada invites will continue.

@seanxushen if it follows the US batch trend it should be ~2.5-3 weeks after the last one.
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Depends on US situation. They are trying to end this quarter just short of 200k, so a few more may trickle our way. But once the next quarter starts they will be sending every car they can to the states so that the maximum number of people possible can claim the full rebate.
Nobody knows. They send the invited to practically everyone in Canada who ordered on the first day. Online and Waiting in line. They want to dump some production here to fall under 200,000 US numbers. Most canadians are waiting for AWD and some Onatians are waiting for the car to listed on the rebate list. If they do not have enough biters for the LR/PUP trim then might extend the invitations to more Canadian. They will be playing around with that for sure.
They are going to be producing on the First Production until the end of June. So they send the invites and then see how many people bite for the First production cars. My guess is they keep sending invites until their First production upto end of June is committed to.
Get used to the waiting, even once you do get to order. It's now 34 days since I finalized my config and paid. I haven't heard a single thing from Tesla beyond the order confirmation email. Zilch. Pretty weird and stretching my expectations around a "4-8 week" delivery....