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When will you upgrade?


Dec 23, 2017
France and Australia
I'll consider any upgrade when Giga Berlin is fully online and producing cars in Europe. I won't buy a MIC vehicle which might be difficult for me in Australia where we drive RHD cars.
Would love a smaller hatch as even the Model 3 is a bigger car than I need.
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Jun 4, 2018
Just as soon as my LR order is delivered… Then 4860 cells and/or new AP hardware (provided the older cars can’t/won’t be retrofitted) would be the next checkpoints for me, depending on competition and/or the FSD functionality that’s been promised for some time


May 9, 2019
New York
Waiting to see what Elon has up his sleeves for the future Model Y… there’s been talks about it getting air suspension, new color options, new battery pack to hopefully get over 400 mile, maybe a plaid version 😜🤞🏾 . Just read somewhere that the cameras for the cybertruck are gonna be made by Samsung… trying to be patient… still love my LRM3
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Active Member
Jun 9, 2018
CA Bay Area
Trade-in or sell? Never. (This forward looking statement may turn out to be false at some point. You were warned)

Upgrade, hell yeah. No model 3 should suffer through being stock if you want something different. Tint it - I tinted it myself for $50 and it's not perfect, but it's good enough and gets the job done.! Upgrade something! Make it yours! My power frunk and power trunk are a delight to use and people love seeing it (less so now that new M3's have power trunks). I just received the LED replacements for the rear reflectors and can't wait to see them installed. My car may be a 2018 but it has USB-C charging ports, and I'm considering putting the new acoustic glass in.

I'm at 93K miles. When I hit 100K and lose the powertrain warranty I'm seriously looking at upgrading (3rd party) and adding a front motor. The LR-RWD seems like it can beat almost any car until 30-40mph, then it starts to get limited. And RWD cars really have trouble pre-heating for supercharging since they can only extract additional heat from the motor when it's not moving, or at slow speeds. AWD cars use the front motor for heating up the battery while driving on the freeway. I can easily see a "preheating for supercharging" message for 100+ miles on my LR-RWD.

Also, I have a theory, which may not play out, that cars purchased with FSD prior to sometime in 2019 will be given free hardware updates until the car gets to L5. Cars after that "may" have to pay for those upgrade. Just a theory, but it would make sense given the financials, and the changes in FSD description from "L5 let the car do it by itself" to "FSD includes Smart Summon, NOA, and city streets"


Aug 2, 2019
Oregon, near Portland
26K miles and now driving a lot more again. I really like it but my Mother (92) can't get out of it (so I have to drive her in her horrible Buick SUV) and my wife doesn't like getting out of it. I want a Model Y, with 4680 cells, structural pack and about 400 mile range. I would also like adjustable height suspension but wouldn't hold up on that. So, that all probably means 12-18 months.


Active Member
Jun 26, 2016
Monterey Peninsula
Nothing of value *to me* in the newer 3 though the small range increase is nice. I'd lose some small freebies like the 'premium' bits of free traffic display on map, etc if I upgraded and then there's the upgrades on the car I did that would need removing.

When it dies, I'll consider a new EV. I've got my eye on the 12v even though Tesla service (remotely) said nothing indicates impending doom, it is the original battery from Aug 2018 delivery, nothing else really is going wrong (very infrequent rear seat belt error not withstanding).


Sep 28, 2020
Before buying my M3, I really wanted to wait for the cybertruck. My garage is on the smaller side, and I just couldn't see parking/charging the cybertruck in the driveway.


Jul 23, 2018
I’m waiting for air suspension and the 4680 cells in the Model Y. I think a bit more range, smoother ride, and possibly some interior noise reduction would really help the Model Y.

Although they aren’t having trouble selling them as is, so Tesla isn’t under any pressure to upgrade immediately


Jan 11, 2020
New Jersey
So Tesla is selling 2019 model 3 P’s with 20-25k miles and FSD for like 68k. Can my 2020 3P with 4500 miles and FSD see 60’s in private sale? Any examples of private sales as of late?
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Technical Maven
Mar 24, 2014
NE Georgia
No plans to upgrade for some time. My current 2019 3 LR RWD does everything I need and the new cars offer little of any additional value to me. There are just two of us, so the size is perfect.
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Feb 21, 2021
Silicon Valley
So Tesla is selling 2019 model 3 P’s with 20-25k miles and FSD for like 68k. Can my 2020 3P with 4500 miles and FSD see 60’s in private sale? Any examples of private sales as of late?

I just sold my Porsche Boxster, and ran across all sorts of weirdness in the used cars market. KBB and Edmunds for example were literally half the price of what I sold my car to Carmax. (KBB was about $7000, sold for $11K, later found it sold in private market for $20K). Used prices are messed up right now.

Having noted that, my research says that the best you can do in terms of actual market value is ebaymotors, for cars that sold via auction. That's real world people bidding real money, not guesswork.

Here's an eBay search for sold Model 3s:

That's the best you can do today I think. Only a couple of older Performance versions sold. You can follow this search if you aren't in a rush. My mostly uninformed take is that I'd say getting $60K will be a stretch, but not impossible. It just requires the right person to find it. If you aren't in a rush, it doesn't hurt to list it 'too high'- if no one is interested, you won't get any hits.


Jun 14, 2019
What would make me trade-in/sell? Good resale value... check. When will I do it? Yesterday :D
Minor upgrade... 2019 Model 3 SR w/ AP to 2021 Model 3 SR+

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