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Where can I find the cost of a supercharger before I go there?

Just charged at a sc I used a while ago and I think it was .28/kwh but today it was .32. I can't check b/c I have free charging for 6 months so my account doesn't show the actual cost in history.

On a recent trip not far from home I was (would have been) charged .26/kwh. There must be some way to see the cost before I go - at least I hope so.
Go on your screen and select the Supercharger, a box will pop up with that info, also lower right corner of is where you tape to see the Superchargers. There might not be an Icon there.. just tap there and it will appear.

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Thanks so much - I was trying to find the info online or various apps.
Just went out to my car and there it is!
Wish there was a way to see it on the app (or plugshare or chargepoint or......). I knew I had seen it somewhere (but obviously a newbie)
I have an app called superchargers on iOS. It shows all of the superchargers. It’s not as detailed with kwh info but it’s still helpful finding where the superchargers are in relation to the USA map. It has amenities, restaurants, etc...


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