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Where is End Time Charging?

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Tesla needs to add more options for charging. For us in cold weather states during the winter having the charge end at a certain time makes a big difference in range and regen. Currently when I get home I have to turn off scheduled charging, plug in, go back in car, let it ramp up and calculate how long the charge will take (while using up some of my on peak rates), calculate what time I should start and turn back on scheduled start time. A lot of extra steps when other EVs have end time or departure time. Feels like I'm in a first gen EV. Instead we get "chill mode"! Priorities Tesla! Any suggestions on best way to request for that to be added?
Non owner, waiting for delivery...so sorry for the dumb question. So does manually telling the car to charge for say 30min before you leave the house solve this problem and allow for battery warming?

I don't remember from last winter, but I'd think a charge at full 240V (assuming) for 30 minutes would be enough to gain you full regen. We're getting into cooler weather here and I'll have to investigate. But yes, I wish they'd give you an option in the app for "departure time charging" or something thereabouts.
I don’t live in a cold area so this doesn’t affect me too much, but it seems to me that the better feature here might be a timed battery pre-conditioning option.

I frequently take longer drives that gets my battery down to 10 or 20% and since this is my only car I wouldn’t really want it sitting so low for too long because if something came up I’d want to make sure I had enough range to go where I wanted to, so I wouldn’t want to leave the car uncharged just so I can get the charge to end at a specific time.

Instead I’d rather charge right away (or overnight if you’re subject to TOU rates) and then tell the car to start preconditioning the battery at a certain time in the morning. Let the car just warm up the battery so it will be ready to go, rather than trying to link it to charging.
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