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Where to see a real live Model 3 in Massachusetts

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Where is the current best place to see a real live Model 3 in Massachusetts? Current day 1 (online) reservation holder, and hoping that I get an invite before the summer. I would love the chance to see one in person before getting the invite.
If you want to look, but not touch (or drive), there's often one or more waiting delivery at Dedham. Plus one of the employees at Watertown owns one, so you might see it there.
The Boston flagship store at the Pru had one for a few weeks in January, but it has since moved on. I imagine they will bring it (or another one) back at some point, but it's probably going to be a while.

Dedham is probably your best bet for now. For Model 3s parked in the back lot (which is where they usually keep them), you can't actually see them up close because the area is restricted, but you can peer at them through the fence. If there happens to be one parked in the front lot by the showroom, you should be able to get an up-close look, though it may trigger an employee to come out of the store to greet you and supervise. (Dedham employees are very mindful of the Model 3's magnetic attraction for Tesla stalkers. :))

The other place you can look at Dedham is the staging lot across Providence Highway, behind the AutoZone. Usually, this is where they park "inventory" Model S / X, but last week there was briefly a white Model 3 parked there before it was delivered on Saturday. (I'm guessing this is because the back lot was jammed full with end-of-quarter deliveries.)

Beyond Tesla stores, there are a small handful of local Model 3 owners that occasionally attend local EV meet-up events (such as events hosted/supported by the New England Electric Auto Association). Every now and then, an owner will even take it upon themselves to host their own meet-up, and they will post an announcement here or to the Tesla Owners New England group on Facebook.
I just got back from the Natick Mall where I charged my car at the new wall chargers they have in garage D. There was a blue Model 3 there charging. It has MA EV plates, so it's not a store car. That's the first time I've seen one in person. It's beautiful!

Nice. Wonder if it was one of the 6 blue Model 3s (out of 17 total) that I saw awaiting delivery at Dedham last Friday....
I believe that one of the employees at the Natick store might have just taken delivery of an M3. So, maybe the charging stations at the Natick Mall will be a good bet to see one in-person.
This is correct - one of the Natick store employees does own one. Don't know what his work schedule is, but it seems likely that would be a good place to see one other than the other great suggestions.
I passed a red one with tinted windows yesterday afternoon on Rt 3 south in Chelmsford. Sharp looking car; I didn't realize it was a 3 until I saw the headlights in my mirror. Then they passed me as I was slowing to get off onto Rt 4, and I could just make out the passenger waving at me like crazy.
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If you want to have a look at Model 3 before ordering, and live west of Boston (I'm in Weston), PM me. My wife's Model 3 arrived couple of weeks ago. Would be willing to meet you somewhere around Weston to show it. I went through the same trouble of trying to find a Model 3 to see before ordering one, so I know how that feels.

Just do it.
Mine arrived Monday sight unseen.
It is like a Porsche.
Best car evah

Can one of you guys or someone else with a Model 3 make it to Gillette HQ near South Boston tomorrow 11-1pm? They’re having their annual EV Day and we had an S, a 3 and my X lined up, but the 3 just cancelled today due to a business meeting. PM me if you can, or have questions.