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Whirring noise

Happy to be on this forum. I bought my Tesla 3 weeks back and have been noticing a whirring noise from the front on the inside (I think) when driving. Sometimes the noise disappears on its own, but on other occasions it stays till the car is in motion, as it happened today. The sound is quite annoying and I wonder if anyone else has experienced it. Should I get the Tesla service guys have a look at it or is this a normal occurrence? Appreciate some feedback. Thank you!
Without an audio clip, impossible to know if it's unusual. I'd say it's the heat pump/octovalve doing its work. It's constantly distributing coolant, and continually modifying the flow based on temp needs of the battery/HVAC, etc.
Is it at low speeds? Could be the pedestrian warning system. Sounds a little like a spaceship. Put you window down while in park, the moment you flip it into reverse you'll hear it from the speaker in front of the car. Could have someone else control the car and listen. Speaker stops above 20mph I believe and is required by law in the US.