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Whispbar hum - 65+mph

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Anyone use a whispbar and have/fix a hum when going over 65mph?

I followed the install instructions to a T, and Tesla had to remove/reinstall it as well (sunroof cable broke, unrelated but resolved now) so I know that part is right. It was a tiny bit noisy, so I covered the width adjustment holes with electrical tape.

Then I went on a drive with higher speed roads, at 65 it starts to hum and progressively becomes annoying at 70.

I do not have my bike trays installed, so this is with a naked whispbar setup.
<sarcasm>Wow that's strange. I would never image mounting a rack sticking out on top of a very aerdoynamic car would disrupt the laminar airflow and cause turbulence, giving rise to noise. </sarcasm> I've experienced the same in many cars, not just Model S. There's only one fix: demount the rack when you're not using it.
This is not turbulence per se. I made mine extremely quiet (to the point you couldn't tell they are there) with taping over the adjustment holes, as well as taping around the gaps on the covers. Below 65 there is no problem with leaving it on at all.

The noise I am talking about is a hum, similar to blowing over an open bottle. My guess is it could be one of the bits inside of the cover humming and may be a simple fix to just close up unused holes. Wanted to see if anyone else has fixed it before I go through the effort as it is annoying to have to repeatedly tape, accelerate to 65+ and check. Then repeat if it didn't work.
Kept taping more parts. Hum is 100% treatable with black electrical tape.

Some is from the backside of the front bar mounts, easy, just cover all of the odd shapes with tape.

When it's all said and done I don't notice any real change in mileage. There might be some, but it's minimal. With a bike or two up there it starts to pile up, but we are still talking about 10 miles a charge or so, nothing that would keep me from getting to the next supercharger.
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