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White 2016 Model X 75D AP1 For Sale

Up for sale is a Model X 75D, Dual Motor All Wheel Drive, White, 22 Inch Carbon Turbine Wheels, Ultra White Seats, Carbon Fiber Decor, Black Headliner, Six Seat Interior, Free Supercharging, Autopilot Hardware 1 with Convenience Features, Autopilot Enabled, Smart Air Suspension, and the Accessory Hitch. Currently has 12,326 miles on it and is in excellent condition with no accidents. Also has the remainder of a 4 year 50,000 mile warranty fully transferable to new owner good through 3/2021 with ~42000 miles remaining. This vehicle was configured for over $105,000.00 brand new. Make an offer!


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Lol the lowballers on this forum. X's are not the same price point as a model S.

And even a facelift model S with 12k miles, upgrades wheels, air suspension, and AP1 is going to cost ~68-72k.

On ebay the cheapest Model X I've seen go for is 75k. 80k is probably about right.
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I'm not interested, but you may want to go to some of the websites like this Tesla Inventory Search for accurate past sales (you'll need to sign up in order to view inactive listings).

As an example, a 2017 X75 (CPO) sold for $73K (2.3K miles). A 2016 X60 (CPO) also sold for $67.5K with AP equipped (25K miles).

At the end of the day, these are luxury vehicles that take a BIG depreciation hit in the first couple of model years. Don't be offended when someone is offering a price that you deem is too low, Tesla surely isn't helping your case.
Not offended at all, already have a buyer that is much higher than any bid on this forum or through messaging. I said make an offer so low bids were expected. I just agree with @TehDoak that there is a misconception on what the vehicles are worth. Some people are willing to sell low and that dilutes the pricing, some aren't and that helps. Keep in mind some who buy aren't even aware of these forums and may buy much differently...and thus the better offers.
Sorry, appreciate the offer though. Just to prevent the offers from coming in too low, realistically looking to get in the low $80k range.

Just for an idea from a third party source, Kelly Blue Book shows your Model X, including the features you have listed at your mileage, in excellent condition:

$75,039 to $80,665

Buying and selling automobiles is a highly emotional process. Funny, I know, but that is the truth. Your desire for $80k is right in the ball park. The value of realistic expectations are proportional to how badly you need to sell your vehicle. It will sell to the right person for $80k, you just might have to spend a little on advertising and wait while you endure the wave of tire kickers and look-y-loos before you get one or two serious buyers who know the value what you're offering.

Good luck with the sale!
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I found my used Model S here in this very TMC forum. The value added by finding another TMC member who I knew was a knowledgable Tesla owner (from conversing for a couple days) and driver gave me the piece of mind I needed. He had the car listed here on TMC for about six months, but was responsive to people and kept enjoying the car while waiting to sell it to the right buyer.

When I drove out to look at the car I was not disappointed. The owner was truthful, open about the car's actual condition, excited about meeting another enthusiast. He had fun showing me his Tesla we ended up hanging out a total of FIVE hours, before I drove the car away for really close to his asking price. Time passed quickly. I had done my homework and knew exactly what I was buying and appreciated a price that was spot on with third party calculators like kbb.com.

Look at the CPO site, but don't obsess over it. One thing you don't know is what those cars have gone through. Service history is huge when buying any used car, especially one from a company that is still cutting its teeth. As seen on this forum, some cars and owners have had a rough time with multiple service center visits, while others have had a relatively trouble free driving experience.

Query Tesla and get a copy of all the service records. Show these to any serious buyer, it will make a big difference in how they feel (emotional experience) about your Model X. A person that has done the research will know what the common service items are for the mileage on your vehicle and will be impressed that you took the time to get the records and show them up front.