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White interior — to protect or not to protect?

Picking up LR 3 tomorrow :)

White interior 😍

In my last car (Audi S3) I had the interior professionally protected — that had white interior too. Generally I’d say it paid off.

Should I do the same with the Model 3? Or are the seats already protected from factory?
A few people use this: Gyeon Q² Leather Shield 50 ml: Amazon.co.uk: Car & Motorbike to protect their seats.

However, in my experience so far (2.5k miles from Dec) and alot of YouTube; it seems that the seats don't need as much protection as typical leather as they're 'Vegan' leather. I've spilt McDonalds Salsa, Mud, Dirt etc on the seats so far and it's all come off with a bit of rubbing with an un-scented Baby-wipe. Hence I've opted to not go with any additional protection.

The only parts of the white interior that I'm nervous about staining is the stitching, as it's just 'normal' cotton stitching and rubbing with a baby wipe doesn't see to do much to get any stains out.
After 18 months my drivers seat is really bad..

But I expected some degradation after that length of time, white doesn't stay white.. so if the protection works, go for it.

You don't want leather protection though.. that won't make any difference. It's plastic/vinyl so needs coatings suitable for that.
Thinking of getting mine done when the ceramic is done soon after I pick it up. Did you find the coating affected the matt finish on the white seats, or do they look the same as when you got it? Thanks
How much did the interior cost you? I have my new LR MY at the shop for PPF and ceramic coating now, but they don't do interiors.
You really don't need to bother protecting the seats, this is what ours look like after 3.5 years and 40k. Can you tell they have been used nearly everyday to carry kids?

Everything just wipes of them.....I really mean everything you can imagine a toddler could produce!!

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