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White Interior

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I have been jonzing for the white interior since I heard it might be an option, and I feel like I had finally settled on my colour choices, but then I saw some of the pics from Model 3's in the wild, with the white interior... and the door panels have a white cutout, and the current faux wood panel piece, is also replaced by a white piece of trim. Im kind of aghast at this... am I wrong to dislike those choices? I just want the white faux leather seats, and not on these other spots!

What does everyone else think?
Some images that were posted on FB:
I like the white interior but not the white dash insert. I much prefer the wood in the black interior personally. That being said I don’t think it would look good as is in the white interior but maybe if it were stained a different color for the white interior ...
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I really like the white seats and white inner door skins but not the white dash panel. Door skins look smooth like seat material. The only thing ‘off’ to me is the light grey headliner with the white interior. Really like the black/contrast.
I agree. Seats and door inserts, no problem. Dash, horrible. At least the center console won't be white. Just needs a black headliner.
We don't know, but on the Model S, it is $3,300 more. I'm expecting it to be about $3,000 more, but it really is anybody's guess right now.
Anything other than the textile seats are additional cost for example on the S and X. Since the current offered black for the 3 is not the textile, one would assume that the cost is already included and no reason the white should cost more. For the S or X, the white doesn't cost any more than the other non-textile options. Of course, how it ends up being is anyone's guess.