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White paint?

I’m about to order a new X and can’t decide which color to get. While I love the blue, time for something new.
For those of you with the white, how do you like it? I’ve heard that white is the easiest to keep clean, but seems like it would show everything!
And does anyone know the difference between the triple coat white and red vs. the other colors?
I really love the look of the white for both S and X. There is a recent thread with pics with a white X with chrome delete and it looks awesome.
Stormtrooper'd my Model X

I went with CPO S so I was limited on choices, but if I ever go new I will definitely go white with the grey or black turbines, sharp look.

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FWIW: I have had two factory white X’s. The first was matte (not metallic), the second metallic.
I don’t regret either & if given the choice, my next model X will be white.

Cleaning it is easy.
I also think the chrome trim actually looks best (of all available Tesla paint colors) on white.
The white is a pearl white and it's a very classy look.

The best way to think about how white shows dirt is in comparison to black. I don't think any color looks as stunning as freshly detailed/waxed/coated black. I also think black looks dirty within minutes as dust starts to settle, fingerprints smudge the finish, etc. I'm always blown away by our black car right after I've waxed it. Nothing looks better than a perfectly detailed black car. And then 15 mins later it's already looking dusty. Dark colors just make every imperfection stand out.

Our white Model X is very sharp looking when detailed and waxed, but not as stunning as the black car. The flip side is that it's been raining for weeks here and while the car is technically filthy with road grime, it doesn't look that dirty at all. From 20 ft away it looks reasonably clean.

Dark colors tend to show grime. Light color cars tend to hide it. Dark colors really stand out when clean. Light colors rarely stand out that much when clean.