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White Seats and Sunscreen Staining vs. Black Seats

My wife and I are about to buy a new Tesla. We already have a 2018 3 with the black interior and have had lots of problems with sunscreen stains on the back seats.

We're willing to buy the white interior on our new car if sunscreen staining won't be an issue. What are your experiences with this particular matter?

We've heard about blue jean staining, but we mostly buy used clothes so most of the excess dye should be washed out of our pants.

Thanks in advance!
I don't know if there are other posts on TMC about sunscreen on white seats specifically, but there are lots of posts about how well white seats stand up to stains in general. I have white seats in my 2018 P3D and after 2 plus years of use, the seats look amazing. I would assume it would be harder to see white sunscreen on white seats, esp compared to black seats. I do recommend wiping the seats down with an appropriate cleaner and a microfiber towel every 2-4 weeks.

I have never had any issues with dye transfer. Just be sure to avoid placing any wet clothes on the seats and you should be fine.
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Had a white interior since June 2020. Blue Jean transfer does happen and seats do show dirt more readily because it is a white seat.
I have been able to remove the stains with simple baby wipes and no chemicals. They do clean right up. I did purchase a slip on water proof cover that I only use after going to the gym or if I head for the beach. White seats will require more maintenance to keep them white,

My black seats get just as dirty but you can go much longer without cleaning them because it does not show but that does not mean they do not have staining on them. If I wipe my black seats they are usually much more dirty because they are not cleaned as often.
I love the look and feel of sitting inside a white interior car with all those windows.

So it will require more work to keep them looking clean but for me they do clean up pretty easily.
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