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Who to contact at Tesla if at least 2 later reservations...

Hi everyone,

Does anyone here know who to contact at Tesla if at least 2 non-owners with later reservations than mine at the same store, already configured their 3, but I haven't?

This is very different to owner priority, etc. This is at least two non-owners that went to the same store as me 1 and 2 hours later respectively, and they already got invited to configure this past March 22nd.

I called Tesla sales and they were of no help. They kept saying that it is based on the order in line, and for some reason not understanding at least 4 times that I said, "but I was ahead in the line".

Thank you,

I have a theory that place in line was not an exact science. Recall after registering in store that we didn’t get a confirmation email until the next day. I am not conviced that the online form we filled out was the exact entry into the reservation system otherwise why wouldn’t it just send a confirming email then? Rather it is quite possible that a human then entered our in store reservation into a true reservation system that then generated the confirmation email. That transfer of data could easily have some error rate or imperfection of capturing place in line or time of reservation. Just a theory....
Is your reservation for the same color and wheel size as either of the other two? Apparently invites are going out based on those two criteria rather than strict line order, due to the fact that they're building Model 3s in batches (100-200 of a particular color & wheel size, then 100-200 of the next color & wheel size and so on). You can get an idea of that by this user-generated spreadsheet. I don't know of any particular group at Tesla you can call regarding your issue - I'd just go with the main line and ask for someone who can help with a reservation/invite question.
True, but presumably the OP has knowledge of/is a friend of the "2 non-owners with later reservations than mine at the same store", so he could either ask them or check the spreadsheet.
I don't think you're understanding me. He hasn't been invited to configure. There is no color or wheel type involved. He simply hasn't been invited. There's absolutely nothing about the car that enters into this.
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