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Who wins in a fight between M3P and new MS LR?

The redesigned Model S LR seems to have a similar 0-60 time as the Model 3 Performance. So who would win in a shootout on the drag strip and on the track? I never gave the model S much thought before because I liked the 3 size better but this redesigned S has me all googly eyed. Educated speculation welcome without bringing up Plaid or Plaid+ please because ... um duh and $duh.
For now: MS LR. They are equally quick to 60 and the MS has more sustained power.

Agreed. Would be interesting to see a head-to-head video comparison.

Besides power, I love the interior of the Model 3, but I love the interior of the new Model S even more. I guess you have to evaluate if the features in the base MS are worth $24k to you over the M3P.
Wish someone would get it delivered soon and do some 1/4 mile runs. Am anxious to see what it does beyond the 60'. 670hp is a good amount, especially if it holds power out to the limiter.
I do wonder if the M3P (and other 3’s) have a performance upgrade in the works.
The performance 3 would typically be faster than the base S, plus the new BMW M3/M4 is here (great car too, shame about the grill). Elon made a big thing about the older BMW M3 being a benchmark way back when and that the M3P would beat it.