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Whoomp there it is !!!

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Aug 20, 2006
After what seems like forever, I am finally driving my own Tesla !

Model 3 delivered today.


Just in time for my birthday too !
Congratulations. That's the best colour, in my opinion, even though I ordered mine in white, since my S is grey. It also looks really good with the aero wheels with the hub caps off and the center caps and lug nut covers on. Then on trips you can put the hub caps on for more range. I really like that idea and how good it looks. I actually prefer the looks of those rims over the 19" ones.
Congrats on the car. The users manual says that you shouldn't put any kind of seat cover on due to possibly uneven wear. YMMV.

A similar warning also made me decide not to participate in the TeslaFi thing. Most expensive car I ever owned by far, so not taking any chances.

Nice! I'm starting to like the 18s w/o the aero covers. Congrats! Also, I have seen a lot of Model 3s now and none of them have had any significant issues. The panel gaps and alignment may not be 100% dead on, but they are certainly good enough that I would never notice or complain. Honestly, I've never even thought to look on my S. The issue is being massively overblown by shorts/traditional automotive journalists. That's not to say that some owners have not had issues. I'm sure there are some, but it does not seem to be a widespread problem. OP, that car looks great!
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