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Whose Orange Roadster did I see today on 101 heading towards Port Angeles, WA?

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My wife and I are on vacation on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. Today we were on Hwy 101 just east of Port Angeles, in our Model S heading east at 2:40PM when an orange Roadster with an orange hardtop appeared heading west. It was on a section of the highway with double yellow lines or I would have made a U-turn and followed it! Looked a lot like my Roadster, and I was very surprised to see one In that area. Anyone know of an orange Roadster in the Seattle area?
I know for sure of one, but I believe it has a black hardtop, which the owner leaves on year-round. I wouldn't be surprised if there were other orange ones in the area, possibly living out on the peninsula. Are you planning to visit Seattle or, better yet, the Eastside (Bellevue, Redmond, and environs)? I'd be happy to meet for a meal and a chat!
Well Dave, your car USED to look different than mine, but you had to do a bunch of work to make it look more like mine, didn't you?

I think we're thinking of the same guy that posts here, but very rarely. I too think his top is black. There was another all-orange one in Seattle, but it was sold. I can't think of any others I know of in the area. Oh wait, there was one that parked next to me at a National Drive Electric Event in 2012. Nice lady, but I forgot her name. Ecarfan, was it a 2.25/2.5 that you saw? Yours is a 1.5 and you didn't mention that difference, so maybe that's not it.


Wait, didn't C.M. rebuild a Roadster about a year ago, paint it orange, and sell it? I don't know if he sold it locally or not. I know the other orange one we're thinking of was rebuilt too. Maybe it's an unlucky color. Yellow is no doubt the luckiest.

Ecarfan, it sounds like you had some great weather, as long as you didn't hit too much smoke from the fires.
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It wasn't me. I have the Jet Black hard top. There is someone in Ballard with an orange hard top, but I think it's a 1.5

There are a number of orange roadsters in Western Washington because people frequently think they saw me on some remote road far from where I've been.
No worries. You did better than most. I often ask people whether they saw an orange or black top, and many can't even remember that. The worst is for a non-Tesla fan to distinguish the (black) soft top from a black hard top. It's easy for those of us who've noticed the carbon fiber "roll bar" but not so easy for others.