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Why are there errors in the Tesla charger network database?

Missile Toad

MSLR Wht/Blk/19 | OD 6/10/21 | RN11512
Aug 30, 2016
30.04, -95.16
So, I've looked, fairly intensely, at the Tesla 'findus' web-pages to figure out to what extent I can count on them. My sampling suggests that there are 1-2% errors in their data. They are not alone. The Alternate Fuels Data Center (operated by the U.S. government) has at least one GPS coordinates error, I can tell from first hand experience. Other data stores have a modest error rate about on the same level.

What is surprising about Tesla, is some of the errors are self-evident in the data itself. For example, the Tesla Topeka Kansas entry identifies an alternative charger in Indiana in case the local Kansas charger is inoperable. Shoot, I've even told Tesla personnel, over a month ago, that the following street address is not correct:
NYLO Irving / Las Colinas | Tesla
Google the address to see for yourself. Any bets that the error will remain through the end of 2016?

Any ideas why Tesla is so lackadaisical about their DB? If they want to improve the user experience, I would think that the integrity of their DB would be low-hanging fruit. Of course, I suppose this is not unexpected from a company that doesn't know what the correct PSI in its stock tires should be.