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Why Costco cannot put tires on my MS

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Just the way it is. They are too busy the way it is that they just can't be bothered with trying to learn how to changes tires on a Tesla.

Lots of great shops in the GTA who are very price competitive with Costco and can take care of you.
FYI this is not a Costco policy thing - my local has happily done mine twice, they have some of the lift pads of their own and even have a guy who "specializes" in Teslas and came out to chat with me about the car last time. I really like going there above anywhere else - decent prices on tires help too.

Got another Costco in town?
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Yeah so strange that they vary so much, must be up to the local manager.

My store also does TPMS - last year I turned up with new rims, new TPMS and they put those together with new tires to set me up for winter. I guess I got lucky to have a good store!