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Why did Tesla buy Maxwell?

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PS - sorry if the link doesn't work, it's on an investment site I have to log into. It was largely about why oil has not risen much following the drone strikes, but the relevant text is as follows:

PS. I was asked to explain recent comments I made about supercapacitors. The two big problems with lithium ion batteries are that it takes time to charge them up, and limited longevity. Supercapacitors can be charged up almost instantaneously and can, or so I understand, be re-charged an almost unlimited number of times. But they have poor storage. The storage capacity is a function of the supercapacitors’s surface area to mass. Graphene has the potential to be a superb supercapacitor and one gram has the same surface area as a tennis court. I can foresee hybrid electric cars consisting of a lithium ion battery and a graphene based supercapacitor. The supercapacitor could be recharged from smart roads, while it is waiting at traffic lights, for example, and would be sufficient for all shorter journey. Most car journeys are indeed over shorter distances — say 25 miles or less. The lithium ion would takeover for longer journeys. Such a hybrid would, in my view, give an electric car a much longer lifetime. Remember, electric cars have less moving parts than petrol cars, it’s the lithium ion battery which limits the electric car’s lifetime. Such a hybrid would be transformative, greatly reducing the lifetime cost of an electric car and its cumulative carbon footprint.

I'm confident that my investment in Tesla is going to grow, maybe bigly (sorry!) in the long term.