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Why did you buy your Model S?

Discussion in 'Model S' started by Daniel Scherer, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Daniel Scherer

    Daniel Scherer Junior Member

    Jan 26, 2013
    Monroe, Michigan, United States
    I'm sure there are many reasons for buying one and I'd like to hear from everyone on what they are as there may be a couple I never thought of.

    I'm a mechanic in every category you can think of and one has been in the field of electric lift trucks since I was 16. I'm now 54 and I've been waiting for a car like the Tesla ever since then. Alternative energy has also been a passion for me but it has never been affordable until 2009. What a tipping point!

    This last November my wife and I met with some financial planners, one of which was 24 years old, to setup a trust for my three kids, we did this and they advised us we also needed 2.5 million stashed away to retire with to maintain our same lifestyle until age 99 and I needed to maximize my 401K. 99 I said, That was pretty unrealistic.

    They reviewed all my assets and accounts and said we haven't reviewed a couple like you before. You have no debt except monthly credit card payments which you pay off each month. You have almost no utility bills. How are you doing this? My first answer was "I've worked everyday of my life since I was 5 and had my first real job at 15 and paid cash for most everything except the biggest expenses and paid those off as well through hard work. That's how my parents taught me."

    Well, I said. I use to spend all my money on electricity to power the house and natural gas to heat it and gasoline and diesel fuel to transport ourselves to and from work. It was costing us $20,000+ per/year with no end in sight so we decided to reduce our energy usage before I reach retirement age. In other words I'm paying my future debt down by investing in something I can control now which is energy efficiency.

    I also told them that I had put away a lot in my 401k in the past and had it pilfered by 4 recessions so I had enough of the traditional formula to achieving my American dream.

    We showed them pictures of my solar panels and then I showed them the picture of the $100,000 Model S I bought in 2010 but had not received it yet. They looked at me as if I had lost me mind. "What's a Tesla?" "You should be investing that money". I said I am. I drive 20,000 work related miles per/year and I get mileage reimbursement for it and with that and the difference in fuel economy from the vehicle I am currently driving the savings will make my monthly car payment and in 5 years the car will be paid off and then the next few years after that will be money in the bank.

    I don't disagree with saving and investing and we do, but for someone of our income bracket we must also live within our means. This car was an economic choice first, then an environmental choice, then finally a "This car is so frickin cool I have to buy it".

    We have a tax meeting with them next week and they left a voicemail this week reminding me of this and said "please bring the car. We all researched it after our last meeting and saw it at the autoshow in Detroit. Everyone at the bank wants to see it."

    I also have 425 shares of Tesla stock which I'm thinking will pay for the car in the next few years.
  2. Laumb

    Laumb smrtass.

    Oct 9, 2012
    Lost in Norway
    Economic choice here.
    This car will save me $800 / month compared to my diesel Saab.

    Tapatalkin' from iTalatut...
  3. vetboy45

    vetboy45 Member

    Feb 14, 2013
    Kent wa
    What drew you to the Model S?

    I've been obsessed about the Model S since it was first announced. I've obsessively read everything I can find and eagerly await blog updates etc. The thing is, I'm not really a car guy. As a matter of fact, I drive a 10 year old Ford Ranger when I'm not driving my wife's 13 year old Honda Civic (until my Model S gets here in 3 days that is :). I do tend to love new technology, however. I buy every new electronic toy I can get and am usually among the first to do so. Actually, I have an HD dvd player and a bunch of movies if anyone is interested. I'm curious to know what motivated others to buy. Is it the fact that it is better for the environment, or just a cool car or what?
  4. Kaivball

    Kaivball Member

    Jan 6, 2013
    I had money down on the a Fisker first.

    When the test drive and the final performance numbers revealed that the car wasn't as originally advertised I switched to the S.
  5. cloroxbb

    cloroxbb Member

    Feb 10, 2013
    Ive been following Tesla ever since I first heard about the Roadster. What drew me to the S is that I will soon be able to afford one, and its available. Personally I want the X more, but I dont want to wait for it...
  6. olanmills

    olanmills Member

    Jun 20, 2012
    What drew me was the idea of finally integrating software more directly with the functions of a car and the kind of features it allows designers to enable.
  7. yobigd20

    yobigd20 Well-Known Member

    Oct 28, 2012
    Skaneateles, NY
    no more gas, sharp looking, fast as hell, big yet powerful and handling like a Ferrari? sold.
  8. roblab

    roblab Active Member

    Jul 15, 2008
    Angwin (Napa Valley) CA
    My mother in law asked me about solar panels one day: she'd heard something on TV, so I researched them, thought to myself, "Heck, that will pay for itself in a few years, and then free electricity! Makes sense!" So we put solar on her roof and started buying her house for our later use.

    So we started making power, and I thought, "We're not getting paid for all this, we might as well be using it." So I started looking into electric cars. There was nothing much out there, but the Prius. We bought two. Well, that helped a little, but we were still making more power than we were using (Yeah, I oversized it). I just happened into the RAV4EV / EV1 thing (Who Killed the Electric Car) and bought one of a few hundred electric cars that were ever SOLD, not leased. After a few days of driving that, I figured that Electric Cars make more sense than anything. Except for the hundred mile range.

    So then I hear some new company that had spun off AC Propulsion was thinking of making an Electric Car, with more range. The Roadster came out and had over 200 miles! Fantastic, except I didn't fit in a roadster, and everybody kept saying, "Wait for the Model S". I figured out that I was going to have one, figured out how to get in line and pay my Signature deposit while holding down a standard job, waited 4 years, and there you go.

    And it still makes nothing but sense. Best car on the planet.
  9. brianman

    brianman Burrito Founder

    Nov 10, 2011
    When I saw your title question...
    I had a new answer spring to mind:
  10. brianman

    brianman Burrito Founder

    Nov 10, 2011
    Slightly different answer than from the similar thread:

    When Tesla came out with the Roadster, I grudgingly closed the web page muttering "I can't justify it."

    When talking to friends about Tesla soon after, I said "If they ever get a businessman in the right position, they'll make an electric Taurus and that would be something. But they never will, EVs have a history of not doing it."

    Years later, I was pointed again to the Tesla website with "they've got another one." "Hm, I said. Let's see what they... Crap, there goes the budget." They didn't make the everyman car that I'd feel like I should buy but wouldn't want to buy. They made an EV alternative to the Audi/BMW/Lexus/Mercedes market that I want to buy. That month I made my deposit on the Sig. It took me some time to rearrange the dollars, but the decision was pretty much on its way on the first load of the Model S specs.

    My initial reaction to the Performance option: "yup, that'll cost me."
  11. aaron.s

    aaron.s Member

    May 31, 2012
    Primarily the environment and not using fossil fuels.

    I had started becoming more green a few years ago. I bought a Ford Fusion Hybrid 3 years ago. I drive 22-25,000 miles a year and figured I could displace alot of gasoline, and I did. 60,000 miles and an average 40 MPG compared to my previous 2005 Acura TL at an average of 22-24 MPG - almost double the efficiency and *hundreds* of gallons of gasoline saved!

    My plan was to get the new Ford Fusion Energi which is just about to be released - and take baby steps to going all electric. But then Tesla opened a store 15 minutes from my home in White Plains along with a Service Center opening in a few weeks and I said - wow this is a sign. Went to the store opening last memorial day and was sold - no baby steps needed (I've always been a new tech adopter)!

    This is the *only* electric car with a range greater than 80 or so (all electric) miles -- this is KEY. It works perfectly for my daily commuting which ranges from 20-100 miles. I will be able to take my usual long trips. I can already drive to Cape Cod for my weekly vacation and I can make it to my sisters home in Richmond, VA - thanks to the NE Superchargers. Soon as well, I should be able to visit my other sister in Ann Arbor, MI via I80 (almost all the way) once the Superchargers appear along there as well. I also look forward to an all electric, Supercharger based drive from NY to the Tampa/St. Pete FL area as well.

  12. Cattledog

    Cattledog Active Member

    Feb 9, 2012
    San Antonio, TX
  13. Robert.Boston

    Robert.Boston Model S VIN P01536

    Oct 7, 2011
    Portland, Maine, USA
  14. HFh

    HFh Member

    Jan 15, 2012
    Atlanta, GA
    I was in the market for an M5. I had been waiting for the new model and my 545 to die. Mmmm. M5.

    A friend insisted that if I were going to spend THAT much money on a car, I should test drive a Fisker. I did and I enjoyed it, but it wasn't quite enough for me. I simply love accelerating and the Fisker was a step backward from my six speed manual. The experience did help me to realize that electrics and hybrids had come a long way, so I started googling and stumbled over Tesla. The purported numbers were insane. It looked good without trying too hard. It seemed big enough for my 6'3" frame and family. It appealed to the cutting edge toy nerd in me.

    Then I test drove one. Well, that was that.

    The other thing that I really began to appreciate during the months long wait for the car was just how much I hated pumping gas. I hated spending the money (and the wild fluctuations in price). I hated the wait and how it screwed with my driving schedule. I realized how much knowing I was going to run out of gas affected my driving habits (the price of gas where I work is tens of cents more expensive per gallon than where I live). I spent ridiculous amounts of cognitive power just dealing with gas issues. I seriously began to loathe driving.

    Well, that's all gone away now.

    Man, I love this car.
  15. sp4rk

    sp4rk Banned

    Apr 25, 2012
    Schaumburg, IL
    That's how I was during the final week of driving my Lexus 450h, before my Leaf arrived.
    I was getting update notices as to arrival day and I was on E. During the final week, I literally went to the gas station and wanted SO much to stop the madness of burning this cr4p, so I bought just enough gas to see me to "closing" by the "soda can". I became "mentally allergic" to the poison.
    I have to rent a car in California soon ... I do NOT look forward to going back to gas for a week, BUT I do look forward to a factory tour and visiting (yes visiting!) the SuperChargers wishing I had my S with me.
  16. ddruz

    ddruz Member

    Mar 17, 2012
    North Shore Oahu, HI
    #16 ddruz, Feb 23, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013
    Environmental concerns above all.

    IMO the evidence is overwhelming that mankind's creation of greenhouse gasses is the cause behind global warming, CO2 from vehicles and methane from livestock factory farms being the largest contributors. I also believe the governments are not going to solve the problem; that it must be solved at a more grass roots level where individual people and companies take responsibility.

    With respect to mitigating my personal contribution to greenhouse gasses, I became a vegetarian, put enough solar panels up to power my house, bought a Leaf as soon as they came out and added more solar panels to power it. All my personal power use is now supplied by PV.

    Even though I live on an island I occasionally drive over 130 miles a day and in the event of unforeseen circumstances could wind up driving more. The Leaf has actually been a wonderful driving experience for the price but it does not get me far enough without recharging. It's been dicey a number of times finding open chargers and/or getting home though planning ahead has always prevailed heretofore.

    I was attracted to Model S for its increased range with respect to my Leaf. To be safe I'm going with a 60 kWh pack. I also love its styling which I consider a wonderful bonus. When my S arrives I will sell my Leaf.

    Further, I firmly believe that if Tesla succeeds they will catalyze a driving revolution in which EVs may become more economically sensible than ICE vehicles within as little as 10 to 20 years. If it happens that soon IMO we actually might have a chance to turn the corner on global warming without extraordinary hardship. Creating electricity to go X miles in an EV currently produces far less greenhouse gas than burning gasoline in a typical ICE for the same distance and will hopefully continue to get even better.

    If Tesla does not succeed it may be a very long time yet before EVs become the norm, time it is possible the environment may not have. I have thus invested a huge amount of my personal net worth in Tesla's stock and am buying more options on my car than I ever would otherwise in hopes of doing a tiny bit to help their success.

    Very seriously I believe the type of planet future generations inherit may depend on what happens with Tesla over the next few years. So for me, it's environmental concerns foremost.
  17. Raffy.Roma

    Raffy.Roma Active Member

    Jul 22, 2012
    Rome (Italy)
  18. Cool-Model S

    Cool-Model S Member

    Dec 9, 2012
    I was looking to replace and buy another car. I had SUV's before (4 runner & X5 for kids, soccer, dog, DYI) and both cars have been great. Time to replace and ready for a sporty performance car as kids are grown and one going to college. I wanted a Porsche Carrera 4S but Wife was interested in hybrids and she was looking for fuel efficient cars ( she is the smart one!).
    I had looked into Roadster last year. When I saw Model S at Portland store, I was sold. This not only satisfies my wife's fuel efficiency, I meets my needs of sporty, fast, cool, high tech.... (mid life crisis). I could not have asked for more! I put a reservation down, test drove and sold. I got into this forum and now a little OCD with this.

    I think Tesla changed the game - the product, the process, the fun, the drama, and delivering something that is cool for the consumer. It is like the first iPod or iPhone. Model S is practical with its range, excellent in performance and the bonus of technology with awesome looks. Hope they will continue to improve quality while creating more models (beyond MX)

    my kids are into it now. The word spreads through young people and if TM can influence younger generation, they have got it made.
    we don't know the effect of using electricity for everything (reducing oil consumption) in the global scheme. Generating electricity does not come with a price. But, if solar power generation can become more efficient and affordable, it can have a good effect.

    I am not typically an early adaptor. I am glad to be in the forefront of this technology without sacrificing performance and efficiency.
    for now, I just need the car! Can't wait.
  19. Merrill

    Merrill Active Member

    Jan 23, 2013
    Sonoma, California
    #19 Merrill, Feb 23, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013
    Love all the posts on why did you buy a Tesla, I have all the same reasons that have been expressed. Being a life long car guy, and having spent my career in the automotive field I have driven everything out there. Living in Northern California the cost of electricity was really bothering me. I had done everything I could to go green with the house, decided to go solar in 2010, and then started looking for an all electric vehicle. Up to this point everything out there was either a hybrid or not very pleasing to drive and look at. Knew about Tesla from the roadster, but since I have had both knees replaced, that does not work for me. I have owned Jaguars since 1970, and if I did not want a green car would have probably bought a new XJ. Then I decided to go to Menlo Park and drive the Model S, that was that, never driven anything like this vehicle!!!!!!!! Forgot to mention the most important point, the car had to accommodate my Great Dane..
  20. jerry33

    jerry33 S85 - VIN:P05130 - 3/2/13

    Mar 8, 2012
    I've always thought that electric cars were the way to go, but they've always seemed not like real cars. In particular they can't be counted on to do my daily commute in bad weather without plugging in along the way. Over my driving career, I've been excited over three cars:

    DS-21 -- It still has features that are ahead of today's cars and arguably the best looking car of it's day.

    Prius NHW20 (aka 2G) -- Roomy, fun-to-drive, reliable, economical, low maintenance cost, great looking. The first car in a very long time that actually used some innovative engineering rather than just being a rehash of the same technology that's been used for 100 years coupled with an advertising campaign to make it appear as if there was something new about it.

    Tesla Model S -- First electric car that is a real car. Created by a person who has a real vision of the future and is doing something about it. As I'm not in a position to do things that will change the world, the best I can do is to help someone who is.

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