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Why does MCU2 have a working browser?

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Many models out there allow video playback at least from local sources eg. DVD on dash screen while in Park. I agree there should be no video playback during driving, period, but I frequently use my car in Park.

There must be other reasons for blocking, from internet at least eg. opens up more avenues for hack attacks, but maybe one day from USB stick in Park, or from the authorized sites eg. Tesla / SpaceX channels, YouTube ? I'd rather have a waypoint and be able to swipe away a certain street in NAV first though. It's a car first for me, there are other devices for other things.
At first I thought I would be irritated at not getting the new MCU, but I use the MCU so rarely it hasn't even bothered me.
I agree, it's a decent experience today, but I use mine all the time, and even then I'm rarely waiting around, it does all that it needs to do, though I sure do want to get the updated browser (a nav waypoint and ability to swipe-away an unwanted road but that's just my own wish list).

To be honest I imagined I'd set aside funds for a "CPU upgrade" as soon as it became available, and I almost got to the 3 year mark, so that's pretty impressive, considering what it is really is a "mobile entertainment and navigation computer + climate and vehicle and control system".

I'm comfortable knowing there will be Nav, browser, and other updates, based on what's been reported so far (and my experience).
My car has the new browser and i'll be honest with you...
Its nothing special.

Its a really dumb down browser, and honestly your better off browsing on your phone or a tablet if you intend to sit in your car and browse the web.

Sure you can look stuff up quick, but again its very limited in what it can do.
Your seriously not missing out on much if you dont have the new browser, the real prowess in the new MCU comes from the map rendering, and vector'd maps.

But the new MCU also brings in a lot of headaches, like GPS breaking, or not connecting to Wifi, or not being able to use summon on your phone APP, also not being able to soft reset...