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Why hasn't anyone put the 22 inch Model X turbines on a Model S?

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I've looked all over and can't seem to find any images of the 22 inch X Turbines on an S. From what I've read they should fit easily as the offset is almost exactly the same. Seems like all you would need to do is run a 245 or 255 tire up front to make it work. Chime in if you've tried this, have this or you can point me to pics or video.

in theory, the 22" turbines should fit but good luck finding tires because you're going to be very limited. you'd have to come close to the 21 specs in terms of overall wheel size in your tire choice but i have a feeling the fronts are going to rub on the liner.

21" Turbine non-stag: 21x8.5 +40 Front and Rear 245/35/21
22" Turbine: Front 22x9 +35, Rear 22x10 +35 265/35/22 & 285/35/22
Hey I run Model X 22 on my S...

I will get them back from the paintshop monday and then i wille take som better photos... But i have this


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Here are the specs on very similar 22 inch vs 21 inch tires in both 245’s and 265’s. The two important things in this case are to keep the same rolling diameter by reducing the 35 profile to a 30 profile (percent of tread width) so you have a smaller sidewall to keep the tires the same effective size, the other is to have a tire intended to fit on the width wheel you are using. The white car in the photos with the 22" wheels has tires that appear to be not wide enough for the width wheels and are stretched to fit wide enough to the bead. That size tire appears not designed or intended to be on that width wheel. The car thinks everything is the same if done correctly and the tires rotate about the same number of times per mile, so your performance remains the same


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