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XCare EV

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Feb 13, 2019
McKinney, TX
Our team at Xcelerate think it is very important that everyone understands why we created X-Care.

We have been working directly with Tesla since 2014, as a 3rd party lessor for commercial clients, and our staff has either been working with Tesla since 2012 or joined us from Tesla management since 2011. We have had a very close eye on vehicle/technology changes, consumer stories, Used vehicle valuation and Used inventory in the independent market. Not long ago, Model S and Model X were difficult to find in dealer lots. However, almost overnight, we saw hundreds (and now thousands) end up in their hands. We saw a growing amount of people that defaulted to Tesla Used because it had one value add that other independent dealers did not have, and that was a warranty. As we saw certain dealers struggle to get these vehicles off their lots, we started to see values drop. This could be dangerous to the resale value for all of the vehicles and, possibly, hurt the brand overall.

Our goal was simple. Create a product that mirrors Tesla’s ESA but not limit who can purchase/sell it.

We created X-Care to give that value add option to dealers that are trying to buy and resell these vehicles, along with selling directly to consumers in an easy online fashion. Our effort was to make this available to everyone and as many vehicles as we can, to strengthen the resale value, and possibly, strengthen the brand overall.

This is not your traditional “extended warranty” product in which you might hear horror stories about. We worked for an entire year to make sure that we had partners that were the leaders in this industry, worded a contract specific to electric vehicles and their components, built a claims process specifically for Tesla owners so you can use Tesla Service per usual, trained our partners with necessary Tesla knowledge/history, and we are highly educated individuals when it comes to anything Tesla/EV related.

In short, X-Care was designed from the ground up with the best intentions in mind.

One of the most rewarding conversations we have is when a future owner calls us and asks, “where can I purchase a Model S/Model X/Model 3 so I can have X-Care rolled in?” We are more than happy to give you the list of our nationwide dealers that we trust, which have already signed up to sell X-Care with their Tesla inventory.

Some people can disagree with purchasing a warranty and may choose to roll the dice on cost of repairs, but others think differently. And when we are told that the only reason why a new owner decided to purchase their $40-50k used Tesla because of the existence of X-Care, and would not have purchased without it - then we have done our job.

We, too, want to “Xcelerate” the world towards sustainable transport. We created this product to help people make that decision to jump into one by giving them that peace of mind.

Thank you to the countless owners that now have their Tesla’s X-Care protected and very happy to start seeing claims being paid directly to Tesla! We appreciate the feedback to better our experience and product as we progress. We ask to please be vocal about our product to as many people and please share your stories with the community!

Thank you,
Xcelerate Auto Team


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How would X-care handle a center screen which is turning yellow or a battery that loses 15% of it's usable capacity virtually overnight?

Yellowing or bubbling we would cover however it looks like Tesla is also covering that for customers even if you are out of warranty (from what I have seen) - but if something were to change, we are here.

X-Care coverage mirrors Tesla's ESA - neither cover the battery/drive unit since that is covered under your separate 8 year warranty. If you are seeing 15% loss in battery charge overnight (and not being in freezing cold winter temperature while unplugged) I would recommend reaching out to Service. That is not normal and should be looked at by a technician.
.... If you are seeing 15% loss in battery charge overnight (and not being in freezing cold winter temperature while unplugged) I would recommend reaching out to Service. That is not normal and should be looked at by a technician.

I also lost about 15% of my charging capacity (2015 Model S P85D, about 50K). Rated for about 251mi when new. I was getting close to 245mi when full, but after summer update I now have 212mi MAX.
I have been reporting this and talking to the service center multiple times. Both the local service center manager and the Tesla 800# calls are telling me that this is normal and that the stated full charge capacity has not decreased, but instead, the "complex" algorithm is calculating my rated miles based on my driving habits.

Tesla does not provide an objective metric for what constitutes a battery deteriorating charging capacity that would qualify for a replacement, Anything short of complete battery failure and you getting stranded by the side of the road is treated as a "normal" battery operation, I believe that the Tesla "party line" is to avoid replacing a battery under circumstances.