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Will Model X be considered a "girl car?"

I dunno what a 'girl car' is. I don't have young kids anymore. Am I not supposed to buy it? Sig 1 has scuba tanks and whatnot to fit in, no small kids. And and and.

Meaning, I wouldn't put a whole bunch of stock in some articles. If it works for you, buy it. If not, it's not the car for you.
Let's not be disingenuous. The marketing department at major automakers have primary markets for their products and create personas to test the product features and marketing messages against. This influences the design of the product. Whether or not the X is targeted toward women is a valid question to ask though perhaps the OP phrased it indelicately.

EDIT------Aye, what Bonnie just said while writing this post.
Well, I would have said THIS was a girls car, but there was a dude driving it, so go figure:
The majority listening demographic of country music is women. Does that make it girlie music? It is fair to assess a target market, but I don't see how that extends to tarring a vehicle with a generalized badge like that.

The truth, for me, is that *all* cars are girl cars when my beautiful wife is sitting in the left seat ;)
There's very few cars I would ever look at and think "that's a girl car". Here is one of them:


But only with a paint job like that.


Additionally, why do only girls need to get their kids in the back seat? I take my 7 month old son to daycare every day in the LEAF, and loading / unloading will be much much easier with Falcon doors. I'm very much looking forward to that. Does that make me a girl somehow?
For those that are hooked on Orphan Black I wonder which girl clone this statement is focused on? I suspect it's Allison, the soccer mom. But that leaves all the other 11 clones we have seen to date out? Like the hipster, scientist, police detective, executive ...
It might be but I couldn't possibly care less. Then again, I've always found such notions to be silly.

My understanding is that Tesla did a lot of research to make Model X more appealing to women. It seems like the result is an attractive, practical vehicle. Maybe that's the definition of a "girl car?"
Years ago, I really wanted a mini-van when we had kids. My wife balked saying she'd look like "a middle-aged woman with kids" driving around in one of those. Wisely, I kept my mouth shut. We ended up leasing one, then a second, and to this day, my wife still "misses" her Dodge Caravans. Are mini-vans "Girl Cars"? I dunno. I think you buy whatever you like and don't worry about what others think. The car is supposed to make you happy, after all.