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Will Tesla make a US/EU Super Charger Adapter?

Discussion in 'Model S: Battery & Charging' started by randvegeta, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. randvegeta

    randvegeta Member

    Dec 24, 2016
    Perhaps this may seem like a stupid question, and the typical response on this forum seems to be 'DONT BRING A US TESLA TO EU' or visa-versa. But this is frequently done, particularly in countries where Tesla have no presence.

    In Lithuania, it seems most Teslas are US imports. The charging infrastructure is limited with only a handful of handful of Type 2 and Chademo chargers scattered around. No SuperChargers. Given the lack of super chargers, and Chademo is considerably faster than Type 2, there seems to be little benefit of an EU Tesla over a US one.

    With that in mind, my Tesla technically has unlimited (US) SuperCharger access. But US and EU plugs differ, so if I were to do a road trip in the EU, I wouldn't be able to use a SuperCharger.

    What are the chances Tesla might make an adapter for US cars to use in Europe? If Tesla plan to make their network open to other EVs, then adapters of sorts will be necessary would they not? Perhaps making an EU/US adapter wouldn't be so difficult? Perhaps the protocols are all the same and the only difference is the actual connector?

    Or maybe such a dream would never be realized and they would just have people change the charge port on the car (for a nominal fee).
  2. Kristoffer Helle

    Jan 1, 2015
    Off topic. But chademo adapter works fine :)

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