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Will the jerk driving a white MS70 FL plate JVI M84 please explain yourself?


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Aug 9, 2013
Was at Silverthorne, CO SC this morning. All 8 spots taken with one waiting. Above referenced car was in spot 1A and NOT plugged in. Very thoughtful!

This really should be in the regional thread for that supercharger.

The issue is most of aren't familiar with that charger to know the rules of that charger.

Some superchargers have 30 min general parking.

Now we do expect Tesla owners to be more attuned to the needs of their fellow owners, but legally speaking there isn't anything wrong with them parking in a "30 min general parking spot" without plugging in. At least for 30 minutes.

In any case that owner is likely going to get an ear full from the owners charging there. Even if someone paid me $20 to park my Tesla at a busy supercharger to plug in I likely wouldn't do it because of the shaming that comes from it. :p
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For those unfamiliar:

If the car is locked, plugs can be neither inserted nor removed.

The car becomes celibate, so to speak.
I cant be sure, but when my S90D in my garage (locked) and later when I don’t have my key with me, I can initiate charging by pressing the button on the HPWC connector to have the port pop open, insert the plug and begin charging. SpC cord should work the same way.
I can most certainly open the charge port and plug in the cable on my fully locked and celibate model S.

If someone else can plug in a Supercharger to a locked model S, that would invalidate the accuracy of the idle fee charges. Someone could plug in your car and even if you car never started charging it could accrue idle fees. I know of at least one Supercharging station that had parking spots on both sides of the pedestals so that it is a reasonable thing to park on one side since that doesn't block access to the charger. If someone else were to plug in your car that could create some real issues.