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Will you regret buying MS too soon if immensely better model comes out soon?

Will you regret buying your Model S/X if better models come out soon?

  • Yes..

    Votes: 21 17.2%
  • No, because I thought it through when making my decision

    Votes: 61 50.0%
  • No, because I am sure early adapters will have upgrade options

    Votes: 10 8.2%
  • No, for other reasons (Comment below please)

    Votes: 21 17.2%
  • Nonsense, it ain't gonna happen any time soon

    Votes: 9 7.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Jul 24, 2015
Clark Co, WA
I am waiting for 4 month already, and it really sucks. Especially while reading happy stories from Tesla owners... and Tesla moments... and "oh, it's so good, I will get two"...

But, maybe, just maybe, today is The Day.
PS: I'm waiting for new autopilot hardware...

I have seen rumors that the Model X may have better autopilot hardware than the Model S, but these are based on external sensors seen on mules which I don't think were autopilot hardware. When testing a vehicle, you mount various instruments on the car for specific tests that are never intended for production and would not make any sense on a production vehicle.

If holding out for better autopilot has been the reason you've been waiting, it's probably worth it to wait and see what the early Model X owners say about the Model X autopilot, but don't be surprised if the sensor suite is the same as the Model S. I don't like to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I would scale back your expectations a bit.

The only reason I haven't bought yet is I don't have the money together yet. About the only technology I will want upgraded is the battery and in that area Tesla has made indications that people will be able to upgrade batteries when larger capacities come out. It might be expensive though. I expect the cost of the battery pack will go down once the Gigafactory is running, and the capacity might expand by 30-50% in a short time after production begins. But if I get my finances together before that, I'll buy and think about upgrading the battery down the line if it's a big enough range increase.
Wouldn't it be more frustrating if you were ready to buy a car in June, and you knew that all these improvements were ready- but the company chose NOT to give it to you, because it is not the new car year yet?

To the question- I actually think that I would have delayed buying my Model S a bit longer if I realized that they constantly are adding/upgrading features. I wouldn't wait for a major upgrade/feature- that is a losing battle. But, since I wasn't really in need of a car, I would have been more incline to wait a few extra months to put a bigger down payment. As it was, the drool was more than I could bare, didn't have any good excuse to wait... within a short time thereafter they added the autopilot features. I don't feel cheated. I am happy that they willingly upgrade as soon as an upgrade is ready.

But this thread is about big upgrades. I consider the 'D' a big upgrade. I confirmed my order for a S85 days before the D announcement. I was, indeed, pissed. I had held off for so long because I wanted AWD, then I finally convinced myself to get it anyways. Now, Tesla allowed me to change to a P85D with no problem, so I wasn't angry long, but had I convinced myself get a RWD car a month earlier yes I would've regretted it.[/QUOTE]
I would regret if I was waiting for some key features, gave up and bought, and then those features came out shortly thereafter.

For me, the key features are (in order of value to me):

Around View Cameras
Ventilated Seats
Significantly improved AP Hardware with AP features that require them

Not sounding like #1 or #3 were in the offing at the launch last night.

I'm pretty bummed about #1, and may consider an aftermarket solution. It's my favorite feature on our infiniti JX35, and the MS is just as big or bigger than that SUV (!).
I voted a huge "No", because there will always be a better model coming in the future.

Right now (when you order your car), it will be the best model s available.. if you wait and wait, you will loose out on hours and hours with a huge tesla grin on your face. :-D

I bought my Model S 2013, and of course all the new upgrades would be fun.. but do they make my Model S a lesser car? No way, it is just as fun now as it was when I got it 2 years ago.;-) :-D :-D
That is a VERY different scenario- particularly because it was a feature you were in the market for, and you let the drool get the better of you ;). One of the guys I work with has held on to his old beater for years, because he is obsessed with the self-driving car concept. He has his drool in check, talks about Tesla more than I do- but in the end won't pull the trigger until...
If applied to cell phones would you ever pull the trigger with every 6 months a new super duper must have comes out? For me, it was time and this car (ask Consumer reports;-) blew my competition out of the water.

But few people are shopping all possible cell phones; they probably have a brand and model line they are using, and those refresh typically once per year.

If they might refresh unpredictably at any point in time, you might get more purchase paralysis.

But of course, cell phones are a pretty mature market and the new features these days are largely faster/thinner/bigger plus marginal new features.

No one has released a true game-changer in years.

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