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Will you sell your Model S and buy Model X?

Will you sell your Model S and buy Model X?

  • Yes

    Votes: 12 8.4%
  • Won't sell, but will buy Model X (I need both cars)

    Votes: 14 9.8%
  • No, because I like Model S more (or because I don't change cars often)

    Votes: 100 69.9%
  • I don't own Model S

    Votes: 17 11.9%

  • Total voters
I love my MS and have no interest in the X for me. The wife wants one and we aspire to be a two Tesla household. But for now, one is all we can justify.

and my wife dreams about porsche macan... ugg... While it's a good looking, high quality car, it's an ICE !!!... Can you imagine buying one of "those"?

PS: If one already has an ICE, then it's totally fine; because Tesla wasn't around for too long. But, I myself, can't imagine buying an ICE car...
My wife has an ICE SUV already, and we're thinking of getting rid of it since the Model S is now the family car. If we do, we're likely getting a 2nd EV (either a leaf or the Model 3). She loves the EV so much she doesn't want to buy another ICE for herself.
I have a P85D that replaced a P85.

I've had a Model X reservation for about a year, expecting to become a 2-Tesla household.

Not anymore. I'm sorry, I know the X will be great, but that is one UGLY automobile. I was hoping the early renditions of the car would be improved upon. They were not. I don't want to drive an egg.

Reservation cancelled. Loving my Model S now more than ever.
I want the Model X to do well, but I really don't like CUV/SUVs. They all look bigger on the outside then they are in the inside. I mean every single one I have been in is that way. I suspect the Model X will also have that issue. I also like to be lower, closer to the road.
I'm not a fan of the Model X appearance too, but I don't think it's because of CUV/SUV body style. Some brands are making those look good, for example: Lamborgini Urus, Mercedes GLE...

I love the looks of the Model X, but as a new owner of the S, will not be buying a new one right away.

Must say that if I had the money to upgrade now it would be a hard choice to make. It would have to come down to test drive them both on the same day and then make the decision.
My first P85 will soon be replaced by a new P90D, end November delivery, I dislike the X, no pano roof which can be opened as in the S but glass only and then a sunshade to flip to the front, no, gladly bought the S again despite the lack of a trailer hook for my bicycles.
Yes. I originally wanted the Model X for passenger carrying capacity (kids teams), so I'll be upgrading from my early 2013 Model S, which is ancient now in terms of technology (autopilot, etc.) to a brand new shiny Model X.
I sold my MS to get another MS. I got the first one to drive while waiting for a Model X, then MS-D came out and I got tired of waiting for MX (and some fairly large tax incentives were expiring), so bought another MS instead. May still buy MX for my wife, but will give Tesla some time to work out the initial kinks and release the features that hit the cutting floor due schedule.
dilly---could not agree with you more. to each is own, but i think the Model X is so ugly. its like a fat bloated Model S stretched vertically. not sexy looking at all. so to answer your poll, no way im selling MS for the MX