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Wind noise from driver's window.

Yes there are several YouTube video on how to fix this. It requires pulling off the door panel and adjust a tension screw that makes the window apply more pressure on the seal when the door is closed. However, if you put too much tension on it, it can interfere with the auto rollup option, as the mechanism thinks something is blocking the window from rolling up properly. I bought a used Tesla and think the first owner did this, because there was no wind noise at all from the driver window but the window would not auto rollup at all. I just had service out to adjust the tension and now auto rollup works great but I hear wind noise when going over 50. I guess you have to pick you poison or find the magical sweet spot where both scenarios are minimized.
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Check your rubber seal on top of your door from mirror all the way up to the corner at B pillar. See if any of this is not sealing with the window enough. Some people have done heat gun and warping but like someone else said, adjusting the way window rolls, inward or outward may be another solution.
It is a problem on my 2021 SR Plus. Horrible windows wind noise util I added extra weather stripping on the side of the windows.

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I have two Model 3’s, that developed a horrible wind noise at 50 mph+. I was told this is normal, because there is no engine in a Tesla, so I’m just extra sensitive to normal wind noise.

After a 5 min DIY, wind noise is gone.

Can’t believe I have to buy and install a $10 part to make my ride 1000x better.