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Window calibration - long


Jun 13, 2017
Snohomish WA
Hi everyone. Let's talk window calibration. Twice now, I've had my phone app tell me the passenger side rear window is down when it's not. A quick search of the forums tells me to calibrate the windows. This is where my confusion begins. I can't find an authoritative way to do it. I think I've managed to do something because the problem goes away but comes back a few weeks later. Here are a bunch of observations.

1. Both times I've had this problem, it's been very cold. My understanding is the behavior of the windows changes in the cold to prevent freezing. This is what it says in the manual.

- Model Y automatically makes a slight adjustment to the position of the windows to make it easier to open doors in cold temperature.

I notice that when I use the window switch on the rear doors, the window goes up all the way and then retracts about 1/8th of an inch. Both rear doors do this but I've only ever gotten the notification about the passenger side. I haven't see the front doors do it. Is this the cold weather adjustment? I don't remember noticing this earlier in the year when it was warmer. When I raise the windows from the driver controls, this behavior doesn't happen. They stay all the way up. Also, after I mess with the calibration (who knows if I did it right?), the individual door switches had the same behavior as the driver door switch - the window went all the way up and didn't retract. This fixed the notification problem and I thought I had now correctly calibrated the windows but it came back.

2. Searching the built in help on my Y running 2020.48.12.1, it says to calibrate the windows, sit in the drivers seat with all doors closed. Hold the window up button for the window you want to calibrate until it stalls, hold the window down until it stalls, and then hold the window up again until it stalls.

I have two questions about this. First, it doesn't say anything about how long to hold it in the stall position (more below). Second, do you hold the window switch past the "second" position in the auto up/down position or just in the initial up/down momentary position? Does it matter?

3. Posts on TMC say to do the calibration for the door itself, not the driver controls. When I try this, I get a different behavior. If I'm in the back seat and hold the window down, it lowers to the down position but if I keep holding it for about 15 secs, it moves to a lower position. This second position never happens when I try to calibrate from the drivers seat. What does this second position mean? Is this the calibration mode? The same thing happens when I roll the windows up from the back seat. If I hold the switch up for about 20 seconds, the window will sometimes lower again about an inch.

4. A video on YouTube said to calibrate them from the drivers seat and hold the button up for 30 seconds, then down for 30 seconds, then up for 30 seconds. As I said before, when holding the buttons from the drivers seat, they never move to the "second" position.

5. I know I'm doing something with the calibration because once I managed to screw it up and it wouldn't go up or down any more. I had to reboot the car and then *calibrate* again before it started working again.

So, this is where I currently stand. Last night after messing around, raising the windows from the front or back resulted in the windows staying up (no 1/8th in retract). The notification went away, and all was right with the world. This morning, the windows are doing the retract thing but I haven't gotten any notification. Are they calibrated correctly but are retracting because of the cold? Did I loose the calibration again? Sorry for the long post. What are your thoughts?



Nov 24, 2020
Had a very similar thing happen to mine. Combination of the cold weather and what i'm thinking was the window tinting. but here's what's worked for me so far:

- Get in the car in the drivers seat with all of the windows rolled up already, close all doors
- Pull UP on the window you are wanting to calibrate, hold for 5 seconds
- Roll that window all the way down, hold in the down position for 5 seconds
- Roll that window back up, hold in the up position for 5 seconds

I did that to all 4 windows and haven't had the issue since.

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