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Window Problems, maybe?

Anyone got a solution for a window shudder on the drivers side over bumps.

I’ve tried Gummi Pledge which seems to help for a day or so but it wears off fairly fast. This stuff has worked on all my rimless windows to date but the Tesla windows seem to have a different approach to seals.

I’d rather not go to the service centre if I can avoid it.
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Anyone else having problems with noise around the windows? Sounds like it’s coming though, but I’m not sure.

I also seem to have a drivers window shudder over bumps, I’ve tried treating the rubbers with a sealant which seems to work for a few days but then it’s back.

Any idea if the dealers will look at it.
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I have wind noise on drivers side that seems to go away when it's raining. So I thought let's try silicone grease around window and seal to see if it helps. Unfortunately it didn't make any difference even though I used quite a bit of the stuff...