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Window Tint Durham Region / Toronto

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Can someone recommend a company that has experience window tinting a Model S in the Durham region or Eastern Toronto? Also, what type of film do you recommend?

Thanks in advance.


Give these guys a call. They are one of the exclusive companies that carries Spectra Photosync, the best heat rejecting performance window tint in the industry. Spectra PhotoSync® | Prestige
There's also a lot of testimonies about the film.

Evelyn Protective Films & Coatings
220 Royal Crest Court, Unit 10,
Markham, ON L3R 9Y2

Phone: (905) 201-9938
Email: [email protected]

Hope this works out for you!
ive always just used the basic tint available for 20 years. INcluding my model S. Charcoal color, 35%. ONly clean with damp microfiber. No chemicals, no Windex.

Ive never had bubbling, purpling, peeling. Never had a need for the up priced versions that claim to reduce heat, blah blah blah. If my car has been sitting in the sun, no tint is going to prevent the need for using AC. Not even high priced ceramic. So whats the point?